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How to develop content for your website?

Garfield Gates
Garfield Gates
1 year ago 192 Views

Hello everybody, what should I pay more attention to while developing my website? Should I care what the customer wants or my product value? I am waiting for your advice

How to develop content for your website? Answers

  • Kasim Needham
    Kasim Needham 04 September 2020 at 00:29

    Some of the measures that you will make your business website cover are important gains in your cost. In addition to saving money, correct planning is essential to save time.

    There are some basic points you should be aware of while doing this:

    Determine the target audience of your website correctly. Consider the needs and perspectives of the target audience regarding design, architecture, and overall flow.
    In addition to providing general information about the products on your site, make sure that they will also handle all order and payment transactions. Setting up an e-commerce site or online store within the site as a whole will change, determine its business.
    Considering the place you have prepared, considering the budget you will allocate for setting up your site. A good feasibility condition for this. You should also set your time goals and try to stick to that.
    While implementing the project, you need to determine how much of the work will be done indoors and out. You can have your design done by an outside solution partner and you can manage all project management and software work with your own team. There will be issues that directly turn the budget and time.
    Basic training when setting up the site
    Name and domain name selection
    Registering a domain name
    Hosting registration
    Site design
    Apart from the contents of the site
    Replaces site tasks
    Marketing of the site
    Ready-made service companies: These companies offer ready-made templates and support installation, along with hosting and disk space services, so you can quickly set up your website. It is a low cost, easy and fast method. But there are some handicaps. For example, you depend on them for all your transactions and updates, and it can be difficult to get a quick response.

    Internet Service Providers (ISP): Almost all of the ISPs from which you get internet connection service and give your e-mail address also provide hosting services. You can also take advantage of the domain name service provided by these companies and create a website with your company or brand. Working with ISPs is fast and safe.

    Hosting companies: The main field of activity of this type of companies is hosting services. Their customers are mostly small businesses. You can also use your own domain name while getting service from hosting companies. Professional hosting has numerous advantages. Database integration, bandwidth to support video broadcasts, site statistics, site search engine hosting company provides. Of course the cost will be slightly higher than the others.
    Hosting inside: Hosting your e-commerce site with your company’s facilities is also a solution. It provides very important advantages for a company to set up and host the website by owning all of the software, hardware, personnel and telecommunication services devoted to this business. Of course, cost stands out as a disadvantage here again. For example, in cases where security is very important, such as in banks, or protection of intellectual property rights is required, the only hosting alternative is internal hosting.
    Website design
    You should start website design by thinking about the experience you want your customers to experience on the internet. Before entering the design business, you should consider your target audience, their expectations and what kind of problem you will solve for them on the internet.

    There are a few important points you should pay attention to while designing your website;

    Website Style: The style of your website is the first image of your website in the eyes of your visitors. Details such as colors, image quality, typeface and the absence of typos form the style of your website and should be supported by your corporate structure.

    The Personality of the Website: The personality of your website is to make the style you create to meet the expectations of your target audience.
    Creating site content
    The content of your website is the reason your visitors and customers come to your site and stay there. Basically, there are two types of content. Static Content, that is, content that is placed once and does not require an update for a long time, and Dynamic Content, that is, content that is constantly updated and requires monitoring.

    The most common mistakes and things you need to pay attention to while creating content are as follows:

    Don’t try to give too much information on the homepage to make your products look attractive. Put a link like “more info” next to each product. Your curious customer can get more information about the product they are interested in by clicking this link.
    Never use internal jargon on your web page.
    Images, videos, music playing when opening the page may make your page very stylish, but if your page does not load within 12 seconds, it will probably be closed by the visitor.
    People often don’t read detailed information line by line, just browse. It will be useful to use short paragraphs and subheadings for this.
    Dynamic content is content that affects your customers’ visit to your site. Therefore, attention should be paid to real content and to be updated regularly.
    You can produce your content yourself, or you can handle this service from outside with the help of professionals. In addition, you can use content such as user comments from your customers on your website.
    Marketing of the site
    You set up your website, are you done? No. Now you should market your well established site with the same professionalism. You can market your site to the world using internal and external marketing methods.

    Internal Marketing: Marketing techniques that consist of in-house activities. For example, what is written about the company by satisfied customers, a page showing the awards received, every package added, added to the bottom of every e-mail sent by the company employees, every business card etc. Methods such as writing the web address on the top can be listed as internal marketing.

    External Marketing: We can count the marketing techniques consisting of external activities. For example, to make the website appear as an advertisement at the top of the searches related to cooperation with search engines, to give banner ads, pop-up ads to other websites; e-mail marketing and social media marketing are among the most important external marketing methods.

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