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How to do seo for android app?

Andy White
Andy White
3 years ago 944 Views

Hello! Is it possible to do SEO for android app?

How to do seo for android app? Answers

  • Yuliia Merkieieva
    Yuliia Merkieieva 21 September 2020 at 18:57

    Hello! To begin with, promotion can be external and internal. External promotion is promotion by any means outside of Google Play. Internal promotion is promotion within the Google Play market. I’ll start with external promotion. There can be many options. I will not describe where and how to distribute my applications, many articles have already been written about this. And I will write about the effectiveness of this or that advertising platform.

    ● Profile sites
    Sites dedicated to the mobile segment.

    ● Blogs
    Basically, blogs are divided into “clubs” by interests. But this does not mean at all that you need to publish only in specialized blogs dedicated to gadgets or Android.

    ● Social networks
    You can advertise in social networks either in your own group, or in other people’s groups.

    ● Forums
    For promotion in the forums, they use specialized forums with a specific topic.

    ● Banner advertising on sites
    The most ineffective promotion method for mobile applications today.

    ● Own website
    You cannot call the site a separate advertising platform. A site is a collection of advertising platforms, or rather a collection of advertising methods.

    ● Motivated and unmotivated traffic
    In addition to all of the above, there are other promotion schemes.

    ● Publishing Agencies (Advertising Agencies)
    I can’t say anything concrete. Since I did not use the services of publishing agencies.

    I have listed the main advertising methods (platforms). There are many more different options. But mostly these options are based on basic advertising methods or have similar variations.
    Summing up, I can say that any advertising company is good in a set of advertising methods (platforms). Individually, you are unlikely to achieve good results, although there are certainly exceptions. You should also not rely on advertising 100%. It is possible that the advertising campaign will not bring the expected result or will not pay for itself at all.

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