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How to use google trends for seo?

Josiah Bowden
Josiah Bowden
2 years ago 986 Views

Hello! I heard some trends about SEO, but I am not sure they are true. How to use them?

How to use google trends for seo? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 09 September 2020 at 15:59

    1) The main trend of 2020 is ranking based on actual meaning. Rank Brain and CatBoost are focused on this – new methods of machine learning from Google and Yandex, respectively. Thanks to the development of artificial intelligence, search robots analyze words or phrases and look for clues. This is important for working with specific queries that the search engine has not encountered before. He analyzes the request and himself puts forward hypotheses about what synonyms might be needed.

    2) The general trend for Yandex and Google is an increase in ad units, the emergence of quick responses to “zero positions”, the ability to comment directly in the SERP and leave reviews without going to sites, the development of marketplaces, etc.

    3) While materials from “experts” on regional promotion continue to come out, in 2020 it is worth paying attention to local SEO.

    4) Entering requests using your voice saves time and helps to avoid unnecessary manipulations with the phone. The requests that we “enter” by voice differ from the text ones, and therefore the output is formed differently.

    5) One of the SEO trends of 2021. Featured snippet is a quick response from a search engine.

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