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How to use seo tools for excel?

Nolan Lyon
Nolan Lyon
3 years ago 1949 Views

Hello! I would like to install seo tools for excel! How to use it?

How to use seo tools for excel? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 28 September 2020 at 13:26

    Hello! Recently, I have been very often in search of fresh tools to optimize my workflow. And so I came across such a thing as Excel plugins for SEO, yes, the topic is far from new, but it is rarely mentioned. I was skeptical, I did not expect anything special from them, but I decided to test, suddenly, they will surprise. Today I am writing a test report. So, of the SEO plugins for Excel presented on the Internet, there are 2 brightest options: SEOToolsForExcel and Seo-Excel.

    Before starting, I would like to clarify the word “broach” that I use in the article – this is the Excel autocomplete function, if you filled out a formula in one cell, then you can stretch it to all the rest, while it will be applied with your individual data, depending on from her position.

    SEO Tools For Excel

    The first problem that a person may encounter when familiarizing themselves with this plugin is a completely English-language interface, as well as an English-language manual on the official website. The second problem is 89 euros per year for one car, which is quite expensive. For the program to work, you need Framework 4.6, which will have to be downloaded separately, the launcher does not offer to install it, it only signals an error. You also need to download the archive with the plugin and install it via the .exe file. It is worth noting that the plug-in is still being developed and it has changed a lot over the several years of its existence. I personally did not pay for the subscription, but read the functionality, looked at how it all works, used what was given for free, and now I will briefly tell you about the most interesting functions.

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