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How to write seo product descriptions?

Sandra Vewon
Sandra Vewon
3 years ago 1315 Views

Hello! Tell me, please, how to write SEO product descriptions?

How to write seo product descriptions? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 23 October 2020 at 12:13

    Hello! So, to make an effective description of products in an online store:

        Add anything that most buyers might be interested in in your description. Avoid technical terms whenever possible (unless you’re selling a specific product to professionals).
        Explain the benefits of your product.
        Make sure your product description is SEO friendly.
        Tell us a little about yourself and the history of the store to get closer to your customers.
        Write in the language of your target audience.
        Eliminate customer pain and explain how your product solves the problem.
        Avoid clichés.
        Include customer reviews in your product description.
        Use different types of content such as graphics, icons, and videos to illustrate the benefits of a product.
        If possible, add some humour or emotion to the text.
        Proofread product descriptions before posting.
        Make sure product descriptions look great on mobile devices.

    Now just start writing. Your goal is to share what you know about the product, and there is no other person who can do it better than you.

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