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I am thinking of moving my work to the internet

Cody Greenwood
Cody Greenwood
2 years ago 382 Views

Hi, How can going digital benefit your business? can i reach more people? What should I pay attention to while moving my business to the internet? Do I need to make an investment for this ? I am waiting for your comments.

I am thinking of moving my work to the internet Answers

  • King Brady
    King Brady 04 September 2020 at 00:23

    What does it mean to take your business online?

    One of the issues that has been frequently voiced recently but is not clearly informed is the phrase “carrying your business to the Internet”. The main thing to emphasize here is to continue your business through the systems established online, within the possibilities of your business model and the sector you are in. While this is partially possible, you can also completely move it to the online version if your industry and business model is available.

    For example: In an e-commerce site where products and services are sold on the internet, all transactions take place online. You only have to send your cargo. Likewise, when you call a taxi on the internet, you are doing a semi-physical and semi-digital job. As well as the flexibility of your industry, you can move your business to digital, that is, the internet, and acquire new customers over the internet.
    Which sectors can take their business to the internet?
    In fact, anyone can move their business to digital without any sectoral restrictions. Water dealers, cylinder dealers, printing house, promotional products, vehicle – crane – auto rescue, construction, furniture, hotel, restaurant and more than we can count … Even if we are a construction machine operator, which is a physical business, contact those who want to rent a construction machine by opening a website. we can provide new job opportunities.

    Why should I move our business to the Internet?

    In order to compete against competitors doing current studies, you must move to digital. Otherwise, you will fall behind and lose your customer portfolio over time. Review your leading competitors in your industry. Check out what they are doing digitally. In this way, you will understand more easily what we mean. In order to have a share of the customers in the internet pie, it is essential to take part in the digital and get information.
    Is it enough just to open a website?

    If you have 10 opponents in your physical environment, you may have 2-3 times your opponents in your digital environment. When it comes to competition, how much you dominate the digital world comes into play. But if you are not a digital marketing expert, will you not be successful? Of course no. Even if you are not an expert in the internet field, you can make your own advertisement in the cheapest way with a simple website. Competing with competitors, doing digital work at expert level is different, in simple terms promoting your own products or services is different. A simple google map registration can increase your business website and normal customer traffic.

    How can I promote our website?

    This topic is a digital marketing issue in itself. If you want to promote your website for free;

    Company directory etc. You can register on sites and talk about the details of your business.
    You can register on google maps for free, you can be found on maps.
    Forum sites, facebook groups, etc. If you are active in social environments, you can also promote there.
    You can promote your website to google through the Google search console.
    Business cards, invoices, letterheads, etc. you physically use. You can add your website to products and promotional products.
    You can share your site in existing phone book or whatsap groups.
    You can save your business and website on Yandex maps.
    If you want to promote your website for a fee, more professional studies are waiting for you.

    You can use Google Ads ads, Facebook and Instagram ads
    You can get consultancy services from digital marketing experts and digital marketing agencies who are professionals in this business.
    You can produce professional text and video content according to your customer base.
    You can work with an editor that will provide regular content for your website.
    You can choose more professional websites, e-commerce sites.
    There are many marketing channels and advertising models in the digital world. It is possible for you to take your place in the digital world by determining the most suitable business models for yourself and your industry.

    In a world where the internet and online commerce are becoming more widespread and will continue to become widespread, be sure to move your business online in order to get a share of the cake in this field. Otherwise, you may have to close your physical business after a while.

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