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Is seo still relevant?

Rob Dilan
Rob Dilan
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Does SEO matter in 2020?

Is seo still relevant? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 20 October 2020 at 13:38

    In order for an Internet resource to steadily rise in Google search results and at the same time not lose its position, it is necessary to use all available SEO tools.

    For clarity, let’s look at 8 main reasons why search engine optimization in 2018 is needed by every business.

    Mobile traffic.
    Increasingly, people use smartphones, tablets, etc. to access the Internet. The number of users making online purchases is growing. And for website promotion in search results to be effective, you need to adapt web resources for mobile devices.

    SEO content.
    One of the main factors that affects the ranking of a web resource. Search engines love quality information. The content should provide visitors with answers to their questions, as well as help solve their problems.

    Semantic core.
    Any experienced specialist knows: SEO website promotion will be of higher quality and more active if the semantics are regularly updated and the full semantic core is used.

    Internal optimization.
    The content on your page should be structurally distributed so that search engines can consider all tags. The text should be structured, divided into subheadings and this will be taken into account when ranking.

    Web resources that visitors like and are supported by search engines are of high quality and user-friendly in terms of loading speed, navigation, design.

    Brand awareness and trust.
    SEO promotion is directly related to the visibility of your company. You just launched an online resource that almost no one knows about. But offline your company is known, and users can find information on the Internet by company name. In the future, ranking will be based on keywords.

    Search engine optimization.
    An effective tool for influencing SEO promotion. Compared to various marketing methods (promotion in social networks, email marketing), it does not require significant financial costs, it pays off quickly. This means that all investments in this direction will be initially profitable.

    Search engine optimization of the site in the SERP also contributes to the growth of free organic traffic, since interested visitors independently go to the web resource.

    Correct links.
    Using quality links from trusted sources, preparing anchors and gradually building up the link mass affect SEO promotion, and therefore the authority of the site.

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