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Can you enlighten us with SEO Samples?

Martin Wilson
Martin Wilson
2 years ago 895 Views

Hello, there are many different types of websites. Personal, commercial, movie, series, game etc. Is the same method applied for each of these sites? Can you enlighten us with SEO Samples?

Can you enlighten us with SEO Samples? Answers

  • Zayan Duncan
    Zayan Duncan 28 February 2020 at 01:38

    First of all, we need to correct the situation that many people who are beginner in SEO know wrong. SEO does not mean a one-time process, registering on a site, getting a backlink from a site or using it efficiently by purchasing a program. So SEO is not just about 1 transaction.

    SEO is made by the realization of a popularity plan created according to the content of the site. For example, the SEO processes applied for corporate company sites and the work applied to individual hobby sites are completely different.

    In general, SEO experts diversify this situation as follows.
    – SEO for corporate sites
    – SEO for individual sites
    – SEO for e-commerce sites
    – SEO for gaming sites
    – SEO for movie sites etc.
    The types of SEO constitute the difference of the links received. For example, dozens of different SEO examples such as getting backlinks via image, video backlink, profile backlink, rss backlink, footer backlink, blog backlink, promotional article can be counted.

    In the SEO studies for corporate sites, the prestige and brand management of the company are prioritized. Since you carry all the responsibility of the company site in the internet world, you should avoid transactions that would violate brand management or cause harm.

    Using this power in SEO operations that will capture the content of the site from a fun angle in the SEO studies for individual sites will enable you to use the full power of the social media.

    The focus of SEO work for e-commerce sites is to increase the number of sales and orders. Social media channels should be used with effective campaigns by focusing on the products sold for e-commerce sites, and should be supported with promotional articles from news sites.

    The main source of SEO work for game sites consists of images. Game sites Using visuals that will intriguing about games in SEO studies will enable each promotion to interact with the visitor in maximum.

    If you are looking for a more detailed explanation according to the types of sites, it is possible to access all the wide explanation from print sources about SEO and apply it to your site.

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