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What is AB testing in SEO?

Uliana Kane
Uliana Kane
2 years ago 546 Views

I see articles about the EU test in the articles. What is the EU test in SEO? Can you talk about that?

What is AB testing in SEO? Answers

  • Anna Wellness
    Anna Wellness 10 December 2020 at 14:17

    Hey! SEO testing applies to any project with significant traffic. It provides information about what determines the position of the page in the search engine. It is useful to perform testing when you are developing web sites and their promotion. In particular, this applies to those projects where competition is exceptionally high. Therefore additional methods are required. It makes sense to test multi-page sites: this way you can choose a template for a specific array of pages. Testing allows you to check at which points the growth and development of the business is taking place.

  • Sandra Scott
    Sandra Scott 02 March 2020 at 22:04

    EU testing means comparing two versions of websites or apps with each other. The purpose of the EU test is to determine which of these two versions performs better. To explain the AB test in a different way, we can express it in the form of an experiment in which two or more variations are shown to users. At this point, it can be understood by statistical analysis which variation performs much better for the target audience.
    In an EU test, websites or apps are screened and changes are made to create a second version of the same page. These changes can be simple in the form of a single header or button, or they can be completely changed in the design of the page. Then half of the traffic your site receives is shown the original page. The other half shows the variation of the site page, i.e. the modified version. When users entering the website are shown control or variation, their interactions with the experience are measured and analyzed. As a result of these analyses, it is possible to understand which version is more effective.
    With the EU test, it is possible to test changes made by teams, individuals and companies to improve the user experience. In this way, you can understand how effective websites are and make changes accordingly.

  • Webtures
    Webtures 01 March 2020 at 20:21


    In A / B test conversion rate optimization studies, the solution is the preferred method.
    If technical detail goes down, I can explain:

    The A / B test lets you see which of the two different content ads, emails or web pages perform better. Photos, the only difference between those tested is the title, CTA image, content, etc. It consists of a single element. Control results are needed in the A / B test. While “A” contains the current situation for control purposes, “B” consists of the variation you will compare with “A” results.
    Available, let’s say a product page gets several hundred visitors a day. You have decided to conduct an A / B test. Using this A / B testing software, you create a similar page and divide traffic evenly between both pages and measure the results.

    A / B testing is done mostly on the website. Tests on the website will be carried out on the product page, landing page, and pages such as payment forms. Off-site tests are tests on ads, emails, social media posts, push notifications.

    For the best A / B test tools it is as follows:

    Optimize Google
    A / B Delicious

    I suggest you to investigate them.

  • Eric Wood
    Eric Wood 26 February 2020 at 22:12

    If we need to explain in a simple way, A/B testing is a comparison between two versions of a website (new and old versions) to understand which one performs better. In an A/B test, users see two versions in a random way. Then, statistical analyzes would be done to see which version is appreciated by the visitors. A/B testing helps you in the SEO process by giving you an idea about whether a change in your site is necessary or not. Thanks to A/B testing your guesses turn into information. After the test, you can make change or keep the website in the same
    In order to do an A/B test, first you need to develop a website or an application. If you have a website or an application, then you can take the next step. You need to develop a different version of the same page. It could be a massive change or a small change. It is up to you. The change could be a banner at the top of the page, or you can create a brand new page. A/B test could be applied to all of them. The half of your page’s visitors will see the original version of the page (the control group) the other half will see the changed version (experimental group). You need to measure the satisfaction of both groups. In that way, you can understand if the change affected your website positively or negatively. According to the result, you can keep the change or remove it.

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