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What is cpa in seo?

Anna Selman
Anna Selman
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Hello! What is cpa in SEO?

What is cpa in seo? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 02 October 2020 at 16:52

    Hello! CPA, or Cost per Action, is a model of payment for promotion services, in which the advertiser (customer) pays not for clicks or impressions, but for a specific result, targeted actions on the site (sales, requests, calls, registrations, etc.).

    CPA benefits

    The CPA model allows advertisers and customers to be sure of getting a return on the funds invested in the promotion since payment will be made only after the targeted action is taken by the attracted user. For example, after he buys a product or orders a service. Also, the customer will be able to more accurately calculate his advertising budget, knowing how much money he will spend and how much profit he will receive.

    In turn, the performer (webmaster who places the advertisement) will be interested in attracting the target group of users and maximizing the conversion of network traffic. Indeed, his earnings will depend on the quality and quantity of an active audience.

    CPA model is the most effective and transparent way to pay for advertising or promotion services. It allows both parties to be a winner: both customers since they pay for a specific result, and performers, since their earnings are not limited by anything and depends only on the efforts made.

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