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What is CPC in digital marketing?

Fabian Pappin
Fabian Pappin
2 years ago 442 Views

They were talking about CPC for digital marketing. So, what is this CPC?

What is CPC in digital marketing? Answers

  • Tanner John
    Tanner John 18 February 2020 at 21:49

    it means the cost you need to pay for each click on your ads. You can also set the maximum cost-per-click bid for CPC bidding campaigns to determine the highest amount you’re willing to pay for a click on your ad.

    This type of offer is the most commonly used type of offer in Adwords ads. For example, you have started to adwords ads and you want to be in control. It is in your interest to manage your campaign according to CPC bidding type. Assuming that you have added your keywords related to your industry and completed the necessary campaign setups. After that, it will be to assign the highest CPC bid you want to pay for each keyword. You can then edit your keyword CPCs by raising or lowering them according to the ranking you want to be within your budget.

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