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What is the most searched thing on Google ever?

2 years ago 862 Views

What are the most searched and most clicked sites on Google? How can I see this type of data?

What is the most searched thing on Google ever? Answers

  • Jacob Schirmer
    Jacob Schirmer 28 December 2020 at 03:24

    From my experimentation, it seems that Facebook from 2009-2017 is the #1 most searched thing of all time according to Google Trends, and it’s not even close; I’m talking about a 70 point difference between Facebook and sites like Youtube and even Google itself

  • Andy Lows
    Andy Lows 30 November 2020 at 17:33

    Google Trends is a handy keyword research and planning tool launched by the company in 2006. Anyone who is now engaged in online sales in and is developing their website will know about the trends and popularity of queries in the niche of interest. This service can be used to analyze competitors, identify the seasonality of sales, and forecast certain businesses’ development. In this article, we’ll show you how to use Google Trends to grow and improve your business. So let’s get down to business.
    Google Trends is a free service for obtaining statistics and analyzing the patterns of Google search queries. Using this service, you can track any search query’s behavior and understand whether its popularity is increasing or decreasing. You can also find demographic statistics for the business niche of interest. The service helps better to understand the trends and priorities of Google users.
    Google Trends is a great tool for finding a rapidly growing niche. Each time looking for a new niche, we recommend that you definitely change the range from “Over the last 12 months” to the maximum “2020-present”. This will help you clearly see if the search volume is increasing or decreasing and track seasonal patterns in one graph.
    Let’s say you created a SEO agency. Once you have mastered your niche, you may be interested in expanding your range with other services. Thus, instead of selling just the promotion, you want to sell other services that might also be interesting to people and bring you a lot of profit. For example, after entering “Seo Agency London” in Google Trends, scroll down to find the “More Related” section.

  • Jessie Rogers
    Jessie Rogers 21 February 2020 at 16:37


    You can access this data from Google Trends. https://trends.google.com/trends/

    Google shares the top searches every year or in general with data on trends.

    Apart from that, Google autocompanions can also be used. If you type the word and leave a space before searching on Google, it will show the current searches, and the most common searches if you add * to the end of the word.

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