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Webtures Kariyer Açık Pozisyonlar

Career in Webtures


We are looking for a teammate to conduct in-house and otherwise communication activities to join our team.

General Features

  • Able to manage time well, able to perform business follow-up regularly
  • Able to think analytically, places importance on details
  • Disciplined, works in a target-and-result-oriented way
  • Able to produce new projects and ideas
  • Likes working in a dynamic environment
  • Positive, good-humored and prone to teamwork
  • Advanced skills in planning and organization
  • Strong skills in written and oral communication
  • Successful in human relations and able to stay energetic
  • Able to reconcile and solve problems
  • Likes researching and places importance on questioning follows current works in his/her field
  • Meticulous while using the Turkish language, mastered grammar rules and has a decent diction
  • Good command of English
  • Actively uses social media and experience on social media management
  • Able to use office programs on a good level
  • Class B Driving License
  • Preferably does not smoke

Job Description

  • Complete undertaking of in-house and otherwise communication operations
  • Able to execute press and media relations in accordance with the corporate brand and image
  • Able to carry out the participation process by researching sectoral activities or evaluating offer of upcoming events, seminars, conferences, etc.
  • To be able to manage communication process with employee candidates in job applications and to be able to return to interviewed candidates about interview results
  • To be able to maintain works related to sponsorship activities

SEO Expert

We are looking for an experienced SEO Expert to join our team. He/she will be responsible from fundamental Search Engine Optimization Expert tasks such as keyword analysis, on-site optimization, content development and strategy creation, site supervision, competitive analyses and defining social media related priorities that will help all works of our customers, generating link building in-site and out-of-site, determining new needs through tracking the industry and competitors.

General Qualities

  • 3-4 years of Search Engine Optimization experience, preferably in more than one business.
  • A proven achievement certificate on increasing density, creating awareness and increasing site authority through site visibility for keywords and reliable native link building in big search engines.
  • To be able to successfully manage customer workflow, to be able to deliver projects / reports on time.
  • To be able to work independently, being an expert on search engine optimization.
  • Having a comprehensive knowledge of in-site and out-of-site link building analysis tools for Search Engine Optimization such as SearchMetrics, MOZ, Ahrefs, MajesticSEO, Opensite Explorer, Google Webmaster Tools, Link Research Tools, Yandex Metrica, and Google Analytics.
  • Proven experience in Search Engine Optimization theory and used techniques (network ranking, link analysis, data analysis etc.), knowledge about the difference between front-end development and back-end development.
  • Adapting to the team and to be able to develop various creative techniques.

Job Description

  • To conduct multiple tasks about Search Engine Optimizations including planning, management and account setup, strategy development, organization and non-observant management.
  • To define success metrics for Search Engine Optimization success, to develop and manage high-quality notifications. To regularly observe Search Engine Optimization data for descents and ascents, to help define new opportunities for customers.
  • To observe website activities and rankings monthly and with temporary reports, to use Search Engine Optimization tools for analyzing and optimizing.
  • To track rivals and the industry regarding link building and to develop different effective strategies according to changing conditions.
  • To provide Search Engine Optimization expertise for keyword searches, reporting, social media, local search, display and video optimization, digital value optimization and mobile search for customers.
  • To manage daily communication with customers about any subject related to Search Engine Optimization. To help in plans and strategies with best experiences, presentation skills and other members of the team.
  • To follow trends in Search Engine Optimization, to ensure ranking first in website rankings and to define new opportunities, to perform cautious research about Search Engine Optimization and to resolve problems.

Social Media Manager

General Qualities:

  • Preferably a graduate from a faculty of communication of a university,
  • At least 3 years of experience in social media managing,
  • Follows digital developments, social media trends, and the agenda,
  • Follows trends related to the internet industry, mastered web world,
  • Able to perform online monitoring, reporting, and analysis,
  • Has advanced planning, communication and presentation skills,
  • Mastered the subjects of digital reputation and perception management,
  • Strong researching and creative sides,
  • Informed about social media marketing and content generation,
  • Preferably knows Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator,

Job Description

  • To manage accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram accounts,
  • To provide regular sharing contents by creating weekly or monthly storyboard content plans for each platform,
  • Preparing content for platforms such as a blog, websites, e-mailing etc.
  • To perform competitor analysis and reporting,
  • To perform digital campaign planning,
  • To convey questions coming from social media to the authorities and to answer them,
  • To research and report visuals and copies that will receive the most interaction,
  • To generate solutions that will increase the number of followers on social media,
  • To make presentations about innovations to the managers by observing social media trends in the world and in Turkey,
  • Finding (and preparing copies for) ideas suitable for the brand identity for works such as website mobile press release, TV advertisement, press bulletin,

Php Developer

General Qualities:

  • Excellent command of PHP
  • Experienced in Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Developed projects on frameworks (Symfony or Laravel)
  • Experienced in OAuth 2 and REST communication methods
  • Interested in teamwork, responsible, aims to go further in his career

Job Description

  • Developing and updating existing and new web applications with PHP.
  • Integrating the infrastructure of the applications with the interface structures,
  • To improve the security of prepared applications by testing their performance and determining the improvements that can be made in these areas,
  • Testing prepared web applications and correcting the errors.

We are looking for software specialists who can take responsibility to actively work on all services and projects that will be developed by our agency.

Art Director

Webtures ekibi büyümeye devam ediyor. Geniş müşteri portföyümüzde Türkiye’nin en büyük firmaları için çalışabilecek, Grafik Tasarım konusunda işinin ehli bir Art Direktör arıyoruz. Tasarım sürecini baştan sona yürütebilecek, Adobe programlarına hakim, yaratıcı düşünme yeteneği yüksek bir Art Direktör arıyoruz!

Aranan Nitelikler:

  • Üniversitelerin Grafik Tasarım, Güzel Sanatlar, Görsel İletişim Tasarımı bölümlerinden mezun
  • 2 yıldan fazla digital ajans deneyimi olan
  • Web trendlerini yakından takip eden
  • Yeni kampanya / konsept fikirleri ve projeler üretebilecek, fikrin çatısını kurabilecek
  • Görsel zeka yeteneği güçlü
  • Konsept yaratma konusunda kendini her daim yenileyen ve tasarım trendlerini takip eden
  • Metinlere, tasarımlarıyla hayat verebilecek
  • Yaratıcılığa ve gelişime açık
  • Ekip çalışmasına yatkın
  • UI/UX konusunda bilgi ve tecrübe sahibi
  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Quark Express gibi tasarım programlarına hakim
  • Yazılı ve sözlü iletişim becerileri kuvvetli
  • ATL, BTL, Digital diye işleri ayırt etmeyen
  • İnteraktif kampanya, sosyal medya kampanyası ve web sitesi tasarımı alanlarında deneyim sahibi
  • İş üretimini bir süreç olarak görmesi ve tüm süreci sahiplenmesi

Sales and Marketing Manager

Job Description

  • To plan marketing activities, to create and implement its budget
  • To perform close follow-up of the developments in the sector, to identify opportunities and risks
  • To make promoting and sales-boosting plans for different channels and areas in conjunction with the creative team
  • To help with management of all marketing activities and formation of marketing strategies
  • To regularly conduct market and competitor analyses
  • To help determine marketing and sales strategies for relevant analyses
  • To help with creating a marketing plan and budgeting by determining the brand strategy and targets

Required Skills and Specialties

  • Preferably graduated from a university or a college,
  • Experienced in sales and marketing,
  • Customer-and-result-oriented, prone to teamwork,
  • Decent diction, Attentive to his/her appearance,
  • Strong planning and organizational skills
  • Follows new marketing trends,
  • Entrepreneurial and pays attention to details,
  • Mastered Microsoft Office programs,
  • Analytical, creative, result-oriented and prone to teamwork
  • Closely follows Internet trends
  • Good command of English
  • We are looking for male or female teammates.

IOS Developer

We are looking for a talented teammate who will perform as iOS Software Development Expert within our fast-growing, dynamic, young and entrepreneurial spirited company.

General Qualities

  • Open to innovations, follows developments about mobile technologies
  • Able to keep up with a creative and dynamic team
  • Able to solve complex technical problems
  • Able to empathize with the user, user-oriented
  • Mastered (and informed about) computer science fundamentals such as algorithms, data structures etc
  • Excellent command of English
  • Would like to advance his/her career on iOS platform
  • Able to manage time well, able to perform business follow-up regularly
  • Able to think analytically, places importance on details
  • Disciplined, works in a target-and-result-oriented way
  • Able to produce new projects and ideas

Technical Competencies:

  • Informed about iOS technologies and follows current developments
  • Developed native application for iOS devices
  • Knows IOS 6+ SDK, XCode, Objective-C and Interface Builder
  • Informed about UIKit, Core Data, Core Animation, Core Graphics, and Core Text in iOS operating system
  • Informed about mobile project implementation and development processes
  • Informed about User Experience (UX) and Mobile Design Patterns
  • Informed about web services/REST APIs
  • Informed about one or more basic security solutions of iOS platform
  • Preferably owns one or more developed mobile application projects
  • Informed about versioning systems (SVN or GIT)
  • Able to perform analysis, technical design and coding works in accordance with international standards
  • To conduct performance tests of developed applications and to be able to remove issues from test outputs
  • To improve infrastructures and applications within his/her responsibility
  • Informed about mobile software development flow, mastered interface design rules
  • Mastered Apple Framework and different versions of iOS operating system and iOS interface (UI) design rules, has experience in developing applications that will work in different screen resolutions
  • To publish an application in the iTunes App Store, to provide continuity and up-to-dateness of its versions
  • Mastered swift language, experienced in iOS application development
  • Mastered (and informed about) computer science fundamentals such as iOS platform, its libraries, algorithms, data structures etc
  • Informed about offline storage, threading and performance issues in mobile applications
  • Knowledge of PHP 5.6 or higher

Digital Marketing Assistant

Dijital pazarlama uzmanına bağlı olarak çalışacak, tüm dijital pazarlama çalışmalarına destek olabilecek yetiştirilmek üzere dijital pazarlama asistanı aramaktayız.

General Qualities

  • University graduate or student
  • Preferably worked in digital marketing departments of brands or digital agencies
  • Knows basic level Photoshop
  • Mastered Turkish grammar rules and written language
  • Actively uses and follows social media, likes researching
  • Able to effectively use MS Office programs
  • Produces solutions, able to think analytically, uses time efficiently, result-oriented and prone to teamwork

Job Description

  • To communicate with the channels we cooperate in the field of digital marketing and communicating necessary information
  • To support the management of our social media accounts
  • To manage mail traffic and to transfer them to relevant units
  • To create newsletter copies
  • To support processes of events such as seminar, training etc.

Junior Digital Marketing Specialist

Webtures, one of the biggest agencies in Turkey, keeps growing its team. Webtures wants to add another new "Digital Marketing Expert Assistant" to its team, who will be working affiliated with the digital marketing department. You can apply now if you comply with the conditions below.

General Qualities

  • University graduate or student
  • Preferably worked in digital marketing departments of brands or digital agencies
  • Mastered Turkish grammar rules and written language
  • Actively uses and follows social media, likes researching
  • Maximum 1 year of experience
  • Good command of English
  • Able to effectively use MS Office programs
  • Produces solutions, able to think analytically, uses time efficiently, result-oriented and prone to teamwork
  • Preferably does not smoke
  • Residing on the Anatolian side
*(Female candidates and candidates who know English are preferable.)

Job Description

  • To communicate with the channels we cooperate in the field of digital marketing and communicating necessary information
  • To support the management of our social media accounts
  • To manage mail traffic and to transfer them to relevant units
  • Providing content support
  • To support processes of events such as seminar, training etc.

ADS Account Manager

We are looking for an AdWords Account Manager to be charged in our fast-growing, dynamic, young and enterprising spirited agency.

General Qualities

  • Graduated from a four-year department of a university
  • Google AdWords certified
  • Preferably Facebook Blueprint certified
  • At least 2 years of experience on Facebook and Google AdWords advertising management
  • Mastered all AdWords and Facebook advertising models,
  • Directed a large number of client accounts, proved success about installation and optimization
  • Informed in Retargeting (Remarketing), social media and Google Search and Display Advertisements fields
  • Mastered Google Analytic, able to report regularly
  • Able to perform detailed targeting in display advertisement network, search network, video and shopping campaigns
  • Has basic webmaster experience and SEO knowledge
  • Follows new trends and technologies in the field
  • Team player, energetic and solution-oriented
  • Able to take an active role in determining strategies
  • Completed military service or at least 2 years of postponement for male candidates
  • Preferably with agency experience
  • Well knowledge of MS Office programs
  • Residing on the Anatolian side
  • Good command of English

Job Description

  • Daily management and optimization of Google AdWords accounts of our customers
  • Control and monitoring of keywords and offers on a daily basis (budget, view, quality score and other important metrics)
  • Management of keyword lists
  • Management of Google AdWords Display Network Placements
  • Creation, management, and measurement of Google AdWords and Facebook campaigns
  • Performing developments related to campaign structure and strategy in line with targets
  • Creation of new campaigns and ad groups, tracking, and implementation of innovations
  • Using web analytics tools to create targets and reports
  • Tracking all required processes in line with the brand strategy in conjunction with intra-corporate communication units and relevant agencies
  • Tracking of current digital technologies that can be implemented in sales and marketing fields
  • Developing marketing/brand strategies by tracking competitors, technology, and agenda

Content Editor

We are looking for a full-time content editor to join our growing team.

General Qualities

  • To be able to create original content without difficulty such as digital marketing and social media related content, as well as content about different topics,
  • Has a creative perspective,
  • Strong in communication, competent in editorship
  • Knows WordPress,
  • Informed about writing SEO-compatible articles,
  • Knows English enough to translate, able to produce content by scanning foreign sources,
  • Extreme mastery of Turkish grammar,
  • Likes researching, follows current works in his/her field
  • Informed about other laws and rules about copyright and publishing,
  • Able to manage time well, able to perform business follow-up regularly
  • Disciplined, works in a target-and-result-oriented way
  • Able to produce new projects and ideas
  • Likes working in a dynamic environment, positive, good-humored, prone to teamwork
  • Residing on the Anatolian side,
  • University graduate

Job Description

  • To produce original and creative content,
  • The write blog contents,
  • To create newsletter copies,
  • English translation,
  • To follow content trends, digital marketing industry and trends, and technological developments
  • To bring written copies into compliance with orthographic and spelling rules, and editing them,

UX Researcher

In order to design and continuously develop best user experience for web and mobile sites and applications;

Required Qualifications

  • Those who believe in the digital world, researcher, dynamic, open to innovations and development
  • Data and user-oriented
  • Experienced in continuous improvement and process development fields
  • Those who have capabilities of analyzing and planning, able to think fast and analytically
  • 1-3 years of experience
  • Able to take the initiative

Job Description

  • Using web analytics tools (Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, Hotjar), to track user behavior and offer improvement suggestions
  • To finalize the tests of customer websites in terms of user experience and to check whether they are done properly for needs
  • To conduct usability tests by performing user research in the experience development process
  • To generate user scenarios and to define personas
  • Contributing to the making of the necessary design decisions
  • To continuously control existing product conformity according to the principles of user experience
  • To improve conversion rates and conversion cone


İlgili bölümlerin ihtiyaçlarına paralel olarak değişecektir.

Aranan Nitelikler

  • Lise/Üniversite öğrencisi
  • Kış dönemi boyunca staj zorunluluğu olan
  • Haftanın 3 günü devam edebilecek
  • İletişim yeteneği kuvvetli ve takım çalışmasına yatkın
  • Sorumluluk bilinci gelişmiş, detaycı ve titiz çalışan
  • Öğrenmeye ve gelişime açık
  • Kartal'a yakın ikamet eden

User Interface Designer

Web Interface Design Expert will be responsible for the preparation of interface and designs required for all internet and web projects of our agency.

Required Qualifications

  • To be able to use graphics programs at an expert-level
  • To be able to perform web interface and graphic design
  • Has a portfolio
  • Has strong visual power, capable of original designs
  • At least 2 years of experience
  • Informed about usability and accessibility (UI/UX) issues
  • Can generate and apply ideas quickly
  • Has responsive design knowledge and experience for web and mobile projects
  • Informed at front-end frameworks (bootstrap foundation) and capable of using them to design

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Our Recruitment Process

4 steps to achieve your dream career

Recruitment Tasks

We want to know how you think about the type of problems that you will work on when you join Webtures and how you solve them.


Let`s talk about your experience, abilities and some problems` solutions. We can meet remotely or in the office.

Chat with the Leader

Have a quick chat with one of our team leaders to get to know each other better before we start working together.

Welcome Aboard

That`s all! You can join us now and you can start a wonderful adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Webtures?

The primary objective of Webtures is to measure the usability of a medium/site, improve visitor behavior by examining it, and to maximize conversions of the target audience. In addition to these, it also undertakes the tasks such as eliminating deficiencies in digital marketing, increasing the availability on search engines and providing user interaction.

Webtures Career

At Webtures we are ambitious enough to push the limits of the digital world. Our expansion in the digital world and in mobile projects has led to the creation of exciting business positions open to everyone. Why Webtures? First, among other factors, we are assertive about working in a fun environment, working as we sip our excellent coffee, organizing daily foosball, playstation tournaments and weekly and monthly entertainment programs, social activities such as birthday activities. In addition, it is very important for us to keep learning, all of our employees who are experts in their fields and everyone will always learn new things from each other. What if you want to leave your mark on the digital world? Join us!

Webtures Payrolls

Salaries are paid between the 1st and 5th of each month. If the payday happens to fall on weekend, salaries are paid on Fridays without waiting Monday to come. Increments are done within a year. However, with a change in performance increment may be provided during the year.

Webtures Internship

Webtures selects its interns through internship camps. In a full-day camp, presentations on company's work system and objectives are being delivered by Webtures experts, followed by recruitment process where intern candidates prove their skills.

Webtures discovers talents wishing to pursue a career in SEO in this camp, which is created to grow the team in a way that is open to learning, innovative, and pushing the boundaries.

You may have the opportunity to show how well suited you are for the skills an SEO specialist should have, such as speed, analytical thinking, problem solving and strategy development.

Webtures Job Application Interview Questions

Webtures/career interview questions;

1. There is a 20% discount on a product, how much percent must the seller increase its price to sell the product with its initial price?

2. "Arabada anahtarımı unuttum ve ev de uzakta olduğu için yaya kaldım. Bu durumda otobüsü kullanmak zorunda kaldım." Is the use of the -de and -da affixes in the sentence correct?

3. Have you ever seen a sentence where the words "maybe" and "certainly" are used together?

In addition to these questions, job applicants also asked technical questions according to the position they apply for.

Webtures Working Hours

Weekday working hours: 09:00-18:30 Lunch Break: 12:30-13.30

Can you inform us about the company?

With its brand originates from the words "Web ventures" , it is an agency that is specialized in all the branches of digital marketing, nottably SEO, plans, implements and measures the ways to become a global digital brand and works as a team since 2011.

Who can participate in our recruitment process?

Having the skills in the job description means learning constantly, improving yourself, searching for answers, researching the topic you are working on, loving new technologies and that you are ready to join us.

Do I have to work full time?

The maximum time you spend for Webtures is 45 hours per week.

How about doing overtime?

There is no obligation to do overtime. Everyone plans their tasks and manage their time. If they need they do overtime.

Are there any training opportunities? Is my participation in trainings supported?

All in-house and external trainings are being supported. You can also attend in-house business development trainings scheduled on certain days of the week.

What prioritizes qualities you are looking for in your candidates?

We give priority to people who are team-workers, responsible, who aim to rise in their career, have an entrepreneurial spirit and a positive mindset.

Are you ready to rise?