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We carry out our content marketing service with strategies focused on different gains such as commercial, reputation, brand or prestige in line with your goals.


Content Marketing with Webtures

Content marketing is the activities carried out to attract the attention of the target audience. However, these activities are processes that aim to share information with customers instead of bringing products and services to the eyes of customers. Content marketing is one of the most preferred and increasingly recognized advertising and promotion activities of recent years. In the services we offer within the scope of Webtures content marketing, you transmit information to your target audience in a quality and continuous manner and easily attract the attention of your target audience.

What is it?

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing method that defines the process of creating informative and quality content about your services and products within the scope of all the work done to make your target audience a permanent customer.

With the quality content marketing service we offer;

  • We provide your existing customers with the information they need.

  • By bringing your existing customers into the marketing process, we contribute to the creation of new needs.

  • We ensure that your target audience is oriented towards your brand.

  • We ensure that your new products are transformed into the needs of your target audience with the right methods.

What Are the Essential Parts of Content Marketing?

Content is the most effective way to introduce your company, your brand, your products or services, in other words, every part that makes you who you are to your customers. Quality, good and readable content attracts the attention of your customers and leads them to purchase. An effective content marketing consists of some parts. These parts need to be built by competent and experienced people.With a well-planned and well-built content marketing that we offer as Webtures, we ensure the conversion of masses into potential customers with advertisements and campaigns that can attract the attention of your target audience.
Accurate and Quality Content

Another important part of the content marketing process is creating and sharing the right and high quality content. We create content for you that will attract the attention of your target audience. We include detailed information about your products and services in this content. We also ensure that the content is shared continuously and up-to-date. It should not be forgotten that incorrect information that is not updated can damage your brand's reputation. This is one of the biggest threats to the loyalty of your target audience.

Fast and Smooth Access

If people who want to buy any product or service have problems with access, sales will drop. For this reason, your existing or potential customers should have fast and smooth access to your website. We ensure that all your existing or potential customers can easily access your pages on both desktop and mobile devices. We improve the user experience of your website and guarantee the conversion of your target audience into customers.


Findability, one of the most important elements of content marketing, means that your brand attracts your target audience. Your brand becomes easily accessible to your potential customers. In this way, your products or services are easily sold and you gain the trust of your customers. The fact that the element of findability applies to your brand is not only ensured by quality and comprehensive content. In addition, the most important condition for you to rank high in search results is the realization of successful and continuous SEO activities. As Webtures, we increase your findability by offering you a full range of services from content to SEO work.

What Qatar?

What Content Marketing Can Do for Your Brand

The contribution of content marketing to your brand is an undeniable reality. For this reason, content should be created flawlessly and presented to the target audience in a systematic way. It should not be forgotten that the first step of the online purchasing process starts with the search engine. Getting to the top of search engines is also linked to content. Your content to be created should be organized with SEO studies. In this way, your search engine results are improved and you can reach many more people.

The values that Webtures content marketing adds to your brand;

We make your products and services easily accessible.

We make it fast and simple for anyone to access your brand.

We create awareness about your products and services.

We improve your brand's online reputation.

We increase your audience's trust in you.

By getting ahead of your competitors, we ensure that you become one of the most preferred brands.

We realize your advertising and promotional activities at much lower costs.

We maximize your interaction with your target audience.

We ensure that you gain new customers and guarantee the loyalty of your existing customers.

We enable you to reach many more people in a short time.


What are Webtures Content Marketing Steps?

Our company, which is one of the leading and reputable companies in the sector, performs the content marketing process in the best way and helps companies become a strong brand. Webtures, one of the most competent companies in content marketing, performs the following steps in our content marketing process:

Goal Setting

What do you want to achieve with this content marketing campaign? Brand development objective Sales growth objective

Target Audience Mapping

Who are your customers and what are their concerns and desires? Customers' profile and characteristics Customers' concerns and desires

Content Identification & Planning

What is the overall theme of the content and what is the content roadmap? The theme of the content The formats and mix of the content The topic pattern and calendar of the content

Content Creation

Who will create content and when? Content creators: in-house or agencies Content production schedule


What Does Webtures Content Marketing Strategy Include?

Webtures, which creates marketing strategies in the best way and contributes to companies becoming a strong brand, is in the process of creating a marketing strategy;

  • Target Audience,

  • Content Strategy,

  • Content Calendar

We carry out a detailed study on such issues and produce successful solutions.



10 Advantages of Content Marketing

Whether you are marketing to businesses (B2B) or consumers (B2C), there are many content marketing benefits. Content marketing;

  • Increases the visibility of your brand.
  • It improves the relationship between you and your target audience.
  • Increases your brand awareness.
  • It creates a sense of loyalty and trust with both existing and potential customers.
  • It helps you build authority and credibility.
  • It positions your business as the expert in your industry.
  • It drives traffic to your site to generate leads.
  • It creates a communication channel through social shares and comments.
  • It helps your customers move faster to a purchase decision.
  • Provides a value without any string attached.


Sectors we specialize in

Our clients are businesses of different types and sizes. We have developed projects for companies from sectors such as finance, media, healthcare, education, government, real estate / real estate, social media, travel / transportation, e-commerce, e-commerce.

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