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A High Ranking Web Page

Evangeline Cortez
Evangeline Cortez
1 year ago 218 Views

Hello guys!! What should I do to get more traffic for my website? What should i do For Designing A High Ranking Web Page? Should i work with who? Should I get SEO support? If i work with SEO what is the benefits to me? How much money should I spend to reach more people an how much time do i need for that. Can somebody explain it to me? Because i don’t know exactly what to do.

A High Ranking Web Page Answers

  • Andy Wallmart
    Andy Wallmart 03 December 2020 at 14:06

    Hello! How to get more traffic to your website – it is the most popular question. First of all, you need to understand that there is no completely free traffic – you have to either spend a little money or pay with your time. Besides, the quality of the content greatly affects the promotion: the easier it is, the easier it will get visitors. If you publish materials on the site, there will be very little traffic.

    To get more visitors, you need to do SEO seriously:
    build a semantic core – queries by which users should find you;
    write not just useful to readers, but also optimized materials for the site;
    prescribe meta tags, indicating the primary key phrases in them;
    make linking – link in some materials to others to make it easier for readers to navigate and give the weight of the page;
    work on usability so that users feel comfortable on your site, and search engines register improvement in behavioural factors;
    make a sitemap for normal indexing in search engines and much, much more.

    You can do SEO if you have a lot of time and a desire to understand how it works. Patience: search engine optimization is a long game: you cannot immediately reach the top for high-frequency queries and get a lot of traffic. The first noticeable results will be at least 3-4 months later. If you do not have the time, desire or patience, it is worth contacting a company that will help you increase sales of goods and services through a thoughtful and balanced online advertising strategy.

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