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About Google Search Console Crawl reports

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What does Google Search Console Crawl reports let you monitor? What data can I view on my own website with the Google Search Console? Can I view data from other websites through this tool?

About Google Search Console Crawl reports Answers

  • Birpal kaur
    Birpal Kaur 03 December 2020 at 11:01

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  • Birpal Kaur
    Birpal Kaur 28 November 2020 at 12:03

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  • Hannah Smith
    Hannah Smith 01 March 2020 at 20:44

    The search section is one of the essential parts of the Google Search Console. With Scan reports, you can check the technical regulations of your website periodically. Also, you can find out if your website is visible on Google search pages with Scan reports. Thanks to robots, you can check whether there are any problems with the sitemap files or if your URL has the appropriate parameters.

  • Harrison Carter
    Harrison Carter 20 February 2020 at 20:37

    What does Google Search Console Crawl reports? Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor and manage how your site appears in Google Search results. We have prepared a long guide for you to use Search Console effectively in your routine SEO activities and to better understand the features you are stuck on. Thanks to this guide, you can use Search Console much more effectively and make a positive contribution to your SEO performance.
    So why is the Google Search Console so important to us? Which features are very valuable and carefully used?
    The Google Search Console consists of 4 main sections:

    “Search View”
    “Search Traffic”
    “Google Directory”
    Each section has multiple subtitles and contains different datasets.
    -Search Console – Search View
    The “Search View” section in Google Search Console is a section we frequently browse and trust. Currently, the following topics are included in the search view section, which contains subtitles that require periodic control such as on-site errors and structured data:
    Structured Data
    Rich Cards
    Data Highlighter
    HTML Enhancements
    Accelerated Mobile Pages
    -Google Search Console – Search Traffic
    One of the most important sections in Search Console is the Search Traffic section. In this section, you can examine search network analysis, the most successful pages performing, links to your site, internal links on your site, and similar data through Google’s eyes. The most important data set in this section is the “Search Analytics” section.
    Very important note: The data in this section has a maximum of 90 days of history. Therefore, I recommend you to archive the data in the Search Analytics section.
    -Google Search Console – Google Directory
    Google Directory reports provide data on how your content is performing in search results.
    -Google Search Console – Crawl
    Scan main section, which is also one of the most important sections, contains the functions you need to follow periodically, especially for technical arrangements. Was Google able to crawl your pages in a healthy way? Is there a problem with your robots or Sitemap file? Do you have URL parameters that are not good for you? You can use the Scan section to examine such functions.

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