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Can I do seo tools by myself?

Malak Wang
Malak Wang
3 years ago 2788 Views

Hello! Please, tell me what the way out of my situation can be. The thing is that I don’t know much about SEO tools, and I would like to receive advice from those who understand this well. I need tools that will help in the following. How to create your own SEO tool What are SEO tools? Tell me what tools you use and what may be useful to me. Thanks in advance.

Can I do seo tools by myself? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 01 September 2020 at 15:17

    No, you can’t create tools yourself. You can use existing ones. Internal website optimization is one of the most important aspects of website promotion. You need to track key indicators, eliminate shortcomings and errors regularly. And the more often the better. The main tools for SEO analysis and complex website optimization are as follows.

    1. GoogleWebmaster, GoogleAnalytics, Yandex.Webmaster, Yandex. Metrica are the main tools of any SEO. You can’t do without them. They allow you to get information on your site, see many different indicators that need to be considered for a successful promotion. Can be used daily.

    2. RDS is a fairly popular browser extension that allows you to get an assessment of all the main parameters of your site. There are many useful features here.

    3. CY-PR – if you need a more detailed analysis of your or someone else’s site, then this tool will help like no other.

    4. Siteliner.com – Duplicate content negatively affects search engine optimization. This service helps to analyze the resource for duplicates. All work is done online.

    5. Screaming Frog SEO Spider – a program for technical site audit. It stands out among similar analogs in that it parses much more data about the site. There are many useful settings, as well as the ability to check the site in guest mode (if you are not an admin).

    6. SEMrush is a useful service that allows you to estimate the traffic of your resource. Here you can find out about the quality of traffic, its cost (if you translate it into the cost of clicks in Google ADS), analysis of key queries, main competitors in the search results, and much more.

    7. Zennoposter is a very useful tool that allows you to automate almost any routine processes in the browser.

    8. SimilarWeb is a useful assistant in spying on competitors. The service is able to analyze the sources of traffic on competitors’ sites, the depth of views, time and much more.

    9. PageWeight is a program that analyzes the static weight of a site according to the classic pagerank formula, and also helps to redistribute it (set up linking).

    10. MarkUp & CSS Validation Services – check the validity of the HTML and CSS-code of the site, respectively.

    11. Serpstat (or Promoter) is a rather useful service that can suggest keys that you don’t have, but your competitors have, form a semantic core, show a position in the search results, predict which keys you can get traffic for, and much more.

    12. Megaindex is an excellent service with many useful features for promotion. With its help, you can analyze the visibility of the site, competitors, the subject of the texts and much more.

    13. Mobile Emulator – a tool that allows you to see how your site will be displayed on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). You can customize the display model if you want.

    14. Netpeak Spider is a tool for technical audit of your website or competitors’ websites. It differs from analogues in scanning speed, gives more data when parsing, and all reports can be uploaded directly to Google Drive. There are many custom settings that allow you to get useful insights for the development of your SEO strategy.

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