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Why is SEO so expensive?

Rebekah Pittman
Rebekah Pittman
1 year ago 336 Views

Hi, i wonder why is SEO so expensive? If we need seo to grow company how can we compete with big companies Why are SEO companies not considering small business owners? Small businesses won’t be able to grow enough if seo companies keep doing this. If there is something wrong please let me know

Why is SEO so expensive? Answers

  • Ashlee Dunn
    Ashlee Dunn 01 September 2020 at 00:59

    How does SEO pricing depend on the client’s project?
    SEO is a continuous set of actions for a site’s development in three main lines:

    on-page search engine optimization;
    content component to interact with the target audience;
    Work with behavioral factors to optimize key business performance indicators.
    SEO is first and foremost an investment for customers who have already set up their business processes and are learning to monetize traffic to their websites.
    The price for SEO services cannot be the same for all sites: businesses have different goals and teams, market conditions, development points, and business processes.

    Promotion goals
    One of the key points before starting work is to set the goals and objectives the client wants to achieve. Otherwise, any cooperation would be risky.

    No matter how competent the agency is, it cannot set promotional goals without a client.

    Goals and tasks determine how many hours our experts (and which experts – the structure and skill level of the agency team) should devote to reaching them.

    Our managers and a client agree on a list of key performance indicators (KPIs) for a particular project. Based on the KPI of the client’s business, our internet marketers develop a promotional strategy, divide it into semantic blocks and create a task list for each block to promote the project.

    Every business has its own KPI. The indicators we focus on while providing SEO services

    Project status and team
    At the start of the collaboration, we analyze the current state of the project and create a list of technical recommendations for field improvements. In other words, our first task is to adapt the site to the needs of search engines.

    There is another important factor: the client should allocate a budget to pay for the developers’ services for at least a year, not just SEO.
    Why at least a year? SEO means continuous site improvement for both users and search engines. The clearer content for Google or the Yandex algorithm, the more likely it is to show the site to users in response to search queries. This requires regular and extensive work on page optimization.

    On-page optimization means pages meet the requirements of search engines. You cannot only buy links or cheat behavioral factors, search engines impose sanctions on such sites.

    Therefore, it will take at least 6 months to get the first tangible results.
    We will work to prepare an audit and technical requirement on website optimization within 15 days. And it usually takes 1.5 months for customer developers to implement the application.
    Why customer developers? As I mentioned above, SEO is more about consulting than building a product. Because a client knows his business better than anyone else in the world, he will be able to find the most suitable experts for the type of project (think of attracting the developers who created the site, the features of the content management system and what programming language they know are written on the site, as a result, it will implement improvements faster and better, and thus have the effect of promotion. they will speed it up.)

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