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Do blog comments help seo?

Kerol Whow
Kerol Whow
4 weeks ago 379 Views

Hello! Do I need comments for my Blog? Will it help my SEO?

Do blog comments help seo? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 06 November 2020 at 15:49

    One of the factors that search robots evaluate when ranking a website is the presence (or absence) of comments on the blog. Logically, the more “live” comments will be on your website, the higher it will be able to rise in the search results.

    The presence of comments on the blog directly testifies to how impressive your Internet resource is. If you fill your blog with uninteresting content, hardly anyone will comment on it. The person will leave your blog and never return there.

    And vice versa – if your article is of interest to the reader, he will probably want to leave a comment under it in order to share his opinion, add something to the article, ask a question of interest, or say “thanks” to the author.

    Comments on the website attract an additional stream of visitors. A person who has left a comment under an article on your blog becomes interested in what other website visitors will answer. With the help of the exchange of comments, there is a “live” communication of people on your blog. They exchange opinions, supplement the article with information that you may not have included in the post. Often polemics and controversies are tied in the comments.

    When search robots see many comments on an article, it makes a logical conclusion that interest in it is quite high. It means that it contains the important and necessary information for the user. When ranking your blog will take a higher position than Internet resources, there will be no comments at all.

    Сomments also serve as a good source of the traffic to your website and improve behavioral factors. And we all know that these parameters are directly taken into account by search robots when ranking a website.

    Commenting on a website is a task that every Internet resource owner must solve to develop and promote his project on the World Wide Web.

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