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Does duplicate content affect seo?

Chace Kelly
Chace Kelly
2 years ago 1014 Views

Hello! Doesn’t unique content influence SEO? If so, how does it affect? What content should be?

Does duplicate content affect seo? Answers

  • Yuliia Merkieieva
    Yuliia Merkieieva 02 September 2020 at 10:52

    Google Help states that completely copied content from another site is of no value to users. Really, what’s the point of republishing what’s already online?

    Comment of the Yandex training expert: “Unique content is needed first of all in order not to violate copyright law. Placing non-unique content (texts, videos, photos, etc.) without specifying the author is a violation of the law. The author can file a complaint against the infringer to the hosting provider, and the infringer’s domain can be blocked. ”

    In addition, search engines may impose penalties for the use of stolen texts and images. Yandex’s AGS filter excludes such pages from the index and they lose all traffic. Google’s Panda algorithm increases the quality of sites in the issue, and “garbage” – removes.

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