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How can I do my own online reputation?

Damien Jensen
Damien Jensen
3 years ago 1782 Views

Hello, how can I do my own online reputation management? What is the benefits? What should i do for my online reputation management? Answer me please.

How can I do my own online reputation? Answers

  • Nicolas Bannister
    Nicolas Bannister 20 March 2020 at 17:24

    Online platforms and social media have become a medium where people can easily express almost every thought without a particular audit or approval mechanism. Therefore, the suggestions that the users can easily share for the brand or products, can provide an indispensable profit for the brands as well as negative thoughts; It can damage the financial reputation both financially and morally.

    When you make a positive comment about your brand on the Internet, you can highlight this positive content and contribute to your online reputation. When a negative comment is made, you can protect your online reputation with the right management techniques. The biggest mistake you make at this stage is to stay unresponsive. For online reputation management, you can get support from digital agencies that provide services in this regard, as well as methods you can implement.

    By using the following method for online reputation management of your brand, you can strengthen the perception of digital consumers positively.
    1. Support your online reputation with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
    Today, approximately 80% of internet users do research on the Internet before purchasing any product or service, and the vast majority of these research is done through search engines.

    If users find negative comments about you on the first page when they search for your brand or the product they want to buy, they may have a negative impression about you at the first contact. With search engine optimization and marketing, you can control the results that will appear on the first page when your products or brand are searched, and remove negative comments or post them to other pages.
    2. Optimize the content on your website.
    Your website is the most critical communication tool for online reputation management. You can direct users by creating content and publishing it on your website in order to turn negative comments about your brand and product into positive. Even if users search for a negative comment, their perceptions may change if they see a sincere explanation about the subject when they come to your site.

    When creating content for your website, make sure to use the keywords your customer and target audience will use in searches on Google and share content that will answer their questions.

    3. Not only be active on social media, but have a dialogue.
    Social media, which has become an indispensable part of our daily life, is an important channel for online reputation management. Brands must have grasped the importance of social media now that they are quite active. But being active is not enough.

    To overcome the negative thoughts about your product or brand in the internet environment, evaluate social media, an important medium where you can directly communicate with your target audience. You can turn negative perceptions into positive by managing negative comments about you and informing users about your product.
    4. Increase your brand’s reach with Digital PR.
    Determine your digital PR strategy by following what is being talked about online. Announce news, events or projects about your brand or company online. Follow the agenda and your customers for the right timing. If you are working with a PR Agency, share all the developments about your company with your agency or consultant.

    In addition, you can prepare optimized and effective press releases in your digital PR works, allowing you to access positive content more easily.

    5. Take legal action.
    No brand or company wants to have a negative comment about it on the Internet. But in the digital world where there is no control mechanism, negative comments are made about almost every brand. Although some of these comments are due to the company’s own error; the main problem is false news and false content.

    Recently, it is possible to prevent such problems with the regulations made especially about online platforms. When you see an unrealistic and defamatory article or news about your brand, you should first try to contact the person or institution that publishes the content and change this situation from negative to positive. If this does not work, you can contact the management of the platform that published the content and request the removal of the content from them. If these methods do not work, you can resort to legal remedies as the latest practice and remove the relevant content from the website or blog where it is published.
    With online reputation management, you can turn the threats into opportunities by directing positive or negative comments, complaints and false news about your brand on the internet. You can also contact your existing customers by applying the right methods, strengthen your relationships, and reach your target audience, and gain new customers.

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