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How can I earn from SEO?

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How do I know if I’m winning in SEO?

How can I earn from SEO? Answers

  • David Clear
    David Clear 02 March 2020 at 22:01

    In case of compliance with Google’s rules, SEO studies provide serious benefits to websites. The content topics of websites, the keywords they target, and many other elements need to be aligned and analyzed in the most accurate way. In line with these analyses, it is possible to generate income through SEO studies. In order to earn money with SEO, you need to be patient first. Because SEO is a job that requires total stability. By taking into account Google’s criteria, you can get top ranking in Google searches and increase the clickability of your website. In this context, you can earn money in the following ways with your SEO work.
    With Backlink
    You can get backlinks for different sites thanks to your website’s high ranking in search engines such as Google and increased number of clicks. The website promotions that you will post on your site will generate high amounts of revenue. However, you should also avoid damaging your website while taking these backlinks.
    With Google Adsense
    Another way to generate revenue with your SEO work is Google Adsense. Google Adsense refers to ads on your website. You can apply for Google Adsense if you meet Google’s requested criteria. If Google accepts your application, your website will start receiving ads and you can generate revenue.
    Collaboration with brands
    If you have a high-ranking website on Google, you can make money by collaborating with brands. For example, if you have a travel site, you can earn revenue by signing up with a brand that sells tickets and giving various referrals and promotions on your site.

    SEO consists of strategies that people who want to be involved in search engines must implement. This is because various search engines such as Google and Yandex determine the place of websites in search by taking into account the basic SEO strategies in question. In this respect, it is possible to explain the basic SEO strategies as follows.
    Keyword Analysis
    When SEO is mentioned, the first element that comes to mind must be the keyword. You should place the keywords you specify for your website all over your website. At this point, keyword analysis needs to be done successfully. Keyword analysis is important for successful SEO studies. Today it is possible to do keyword analysis with Google Keyword Planner. Google Keyword Planner is offered for free. In addition, you can use keyword analysis tools such as Semrush that offer paid services. During keyword analysis, you should pay attention to words with high search volume, words related to your website, and preferably words with low competition. In addition, you should pay attention to long tails during keyword analysis. Long tail are words that are less sought after than other keywords but provide a higher rate of traffic. For example, the word DVD is searched too much, while Dark Kinght DVD is searched less. However, it is not possible to achieve success by selecting DVD as a keyword.
    Content Optimization
    Content has a great place in basic SEO strategies. This is because high quality and SEO-compatible content needs to be produced in order to attract strategic websites. In order to get the best results from SEO studies, content appropriate to the above mentioned keywords should be produced. However, the content is required to extend the length of time that users who enter the site stay on the site. At this point, the content must be of quality. The absence of spelling errors and meaning errors is very important in the creation of quality content. In addition, the content should meet the needs of the users who visit your website. For example, if you do not include the foods mentioned in your content titled foods that increase breast milk, the need of the user entering your website is not met. This is also a bad situation for your website.
    HTML edits
    Basic SEO strategies include HTML editing. Html should be SEO compatible. Your keyword must appear in the title of the page. In addition, the title should provide information about your website.
    Visual Optimization
    When adding visuals to your website, you should note that each has descriptive and clear titles and labels. In addition, the image you add should be compatible with your website and keyword.
    Site Structure
    Site structure is another element among the basic SEO strategies. Fast loading of your site, easy crawlability, mobile compatibility directly affects the success of your website SEO.

  • Webtures
    Webtures 06 February 2020 at 12:04

    When you do SEO work correctly, need to get recycling. Various tools are used for this transformation. These tools will allow you to graphically see how the site performs at certain intervals.

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