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How can i generate traffic to my website?

Christopher Roberts
Christopher Roberts
3 years ago 600 Views

Hello! My website receives very little traffic. How can I increase my traffic? What are your recommendations?

How can i generate traffic to my website? Answers

  • Cameron James
    Cameron James 20 February 2020 at 18:29

    Correct keyword targeting comes into play in cases such as what purpose the pages on your site serve, what the page means, whether or not it consists of words in the users’ searches. When your page is actually created and presented with the words users search for, your page will be made sense by search engine bots and listed on the search results page.

    If you are a newly established site or think you have no visibility, you should learn your site traffic. If your site traffic is very low or if there is low competition, you can create content about keywords and drive traffic to your site. Here are the phrases with less competition and more recycling, which we call long tail. It ensures that the keyword research process that will affect your visibility is listed in the main words of your site.

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