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How can i have more customers?

Robson Rudd
Robson Rudd
3 years ago 897 Views

Hello there. I have a website where I sell technological products on the internet. Customers are confused because of the high advertisements of technological products on the Internet. That’s why I need help with the ads I’m posting. How can I reach a more specific target audience for a particular ad group or campaign. I want my customer to visit my website more and shop more with ads. Please share your opinion on this matter with me. Thank you for your help.

How can i have more customers? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 22 September 2020 at 23:16

    Hello! I had my own sites where I once sold links. And link texts (anchors) were then very dense commercial anchors. That is, in fact, every such request was driven into Yandex and I sent a “selling” email to everyone advertised there (now this is already quite spam). This provided a 1-2% response rate and generated several first sales. I even took a person and put it on stream.

    Now I would advise you to study, to go to some non-trivial places more often, not to sit on the couch in your little world. For example, in all the courses I studied, in sports parties, and communicated with the guys – I just casually mentioned what I was doing. And that was enough for a person to recommend me as a specialist when needed by his personal or friends.

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