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How can I improve my SEO strategy?

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How can I make improvements for a more effective SEO? What ways are useful for my website?

How can I improve my SEO strategy? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 26 February 2020 at 18:22

    In order to make more effective seo, you have to consider the 8 items I will share with you.

    8 Important SEO Moves

    • Improve traffic metrics (crawl rates, time on site, new visitor statistics, etc.)
    • Contributing to the site by users (encouraging users to produce content through social networks, enabling them to comment on the produced content)
    • Providing smooth access to the site (error-free pages, fast-opening pages, good redirects, etc.)
    • Increasing brand awareness (using news sites, increasing resource diversity, using social media etc.)
    • Developing and updating content (similar content productions, keyword targeting, viral campaign sharing etc.)
    • Being everywhere (maps, blogs, guides, directories, news, images etc.)
    • To increase the backlink diversity to increase visitor traffic (organical links, links from different locations, etc.)
    • Making the right keyword choices (high search volumes, low competition, high return possibilities etc.)

    Considering that there are about 200 criteria like this, each site may have different needs. but I have listed it in this way because I have to specify a few of the most important criteria.

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