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How do I find good keywords?

Nora Jackie
Nora Jackie
4 years ago 918 Views

How do I identify keywords that are compatible with my website? How do I know if my keywords are correct?

How do I find good keywords? Answers

  • Erin James
    Erin James 19 February 2020 at 17:02

    Keyword research is one of the important and starting steps of SEO studies. In this article, I will try to convey how you can determine the keyword list with free and paid tools. Before moving on to the keyword determination stage before moving on to the tools and methods you can use to determine the keywords, it would be more useful to talk about what should be the first steps.

    • In which area does your website serve?
    • In which sector the product or service you are working in; health, tourism, etc.
    • What are your expectations on your website?
    • Sales, brand awareness, traffic growth, etc.
    • What is the title that highlights your website / product / service?
    • Price, quality, prestige, etc.

    The answers you will give by duplicating these questions will help you determine your keyword.

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