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How do I get backlinks for my website?

Janna Salvage
Janna Salvage
4 years ago 977 Views

What types of sites do you recommend getting backlinks for my website? What should I look out for when buying a backlink?

How do I get backlinks for my website? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 27 July 2020 at 12:50

    Backlinks are not in vain the topic of a good half of articles devoted to SEO: the link profile of a site plays an important role in the promotion. At the same time, link buying makes up a significant proportion of your overall SEO budget.

    1. Social networks
    2. Blogging platforms
    3. Services of questions and answers
    4. Forums
    5. Sites with lists of companies/products
    6. Guest posts or blog posts on themed media
    7. Link building by broken links
    8. Placement of reviews on the sites of services that you use
    9. Participation in conferences and specialized events
    10. Cooperation with bloggers
    11. Wikipedia
    12. Services of journalistic inquiries
    13. Search for company mentions without links
    14. .edu Sites (Educational Partnerships)
    15. Platforms (catalogues) for publishing reviews

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