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How do I get Google to index my site?

Gerard Salmon
Gerard Salmon
2 years ago 568 Views

What do I need to do for Google to index my own website? What if my website isn’t indexed by Google?

How do I get Google to index my site? Answers

  • Elif Nur Kasapoğlu
    Elif Nur Kasapoğlu 10 March 2020 at 11:55


    We have to make sure that the bots don’t encounter any blocking through the robots.txt file. We need to edit the Sitemap.xml file and add its link to the robots.txt file.

    Over time, the bots will visit your site and add them to the directory.

    If it is not indexed, your site will not be reflected in the search results. You cannot get the traffic you expect, people who know the domain address of your site can reach your site.

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