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How do I improve my SEO ranking in 2019?

Valentine Banner
Valentine Banner
2 years ago 531 Views

What do I need to do to improve SEO in 2019? Do things vary from year to year for SEO?

How do I improve my SEO ranking in 2019? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 27 February 2020 at 16:32


    Firstly, SEO is a structure that can change and develop day by day. There are many macro and micro algorithms that came out in 2019 as well. The algorithms that appear vary depending on the sector. For example, there is even an algorithm for the health sector alone. But the first advice I will give you is to comply with the basic SEO criteria, and besides this, my important advice is; “Your content is original and created according to the intent of the users.”

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