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How do I improve SEO on my website?

2 years ago 269 Views

How can I use seo to get my website to the top? What strategies do you propose?

How do I improve SEO on my website? Answers

  • Rudy Fox
    Rudy Fox 21 February 2020 at 16:44


    To move your site to the top, we can not say that you will definitely have the top ranks.

    We apply these strategies differently for each site.

    But in the most general headings;
    1- You should prepare the infrastructure of the site in accordance with technical SEO, use meta tags and create a technical SEO structure without errors.
    2- The content should be up-to-date and original, and you should prepare content for the user’s needs and add it to your site.
    3- After making the site seo compatible, you need to strengthen the backlink profile.

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