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How do I increase my Google ADS clicks?

Ward Higgins
Ward Higgins
4 years ago 1014 Views

How can I get more clicks on the Google ADS I’ve purchased for my website?

How do I increase my Google ADS clicks? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 03 March 2020 at 14:36

    Our suggestions to better manage your Google Ads budget are as follows.

    Pay per click ads puts you in complete control of the amount of money you spend, just like Google Ads.

    First determine your goals, then your budget. If you have an idea about the results you want to achieve, you can use your Google Ads budget efficiently and organize an online advertising campaign that will help you achieve your goals.

    With Google Ads, you can find out how many times your ad was shown in searches and when your link was clicked. but you don’t know if these interactions are creating conversions on your site such as purchase, search, and form filling. But thanks to Google Analytics, a free tool, you can see what customers do after clicking on your ad and visiting your website. So link your Google Ads and Analytics accounts.

    Decide on your monthly Google Ads budget and stick to it. You can set a limit on how much of your budget you will spend on Google Ads. Some days Google raises the daily limit. The reason for this is the analysis of daily search traffic. Google Ads makes your ads more frequent on more people searching days; it shows less frequently when there is less traffic.

    If your budget is limited, wait a while before you start displaying ads on the Google Display Network. Display ads reach a wider audience than search ads, but reach people who aren’t looking for your products and services at the time. For this reason, the conversion rate from display ads is slightly lower. If you use display ads at the beginning of your campaign, you spend a significant portion of your Google Ads budget for an ad with low returns. We recommend that you develop your online marketing strategy and wait until you get success from your search campaign before trying the Google Display Network.

    Use your Google Ads targeting settings to show your ads only to people searching near your shop and from areas that are important to your business to use your budget efficiently. So target specific locations.

    There are also benefits to having your ad in a lower position in the list in Google Search results. Your customers may not be ready to shop, order or visit your business in the first search. They may be doing research and evaluating options to decide what they want to take. In such cases, even if the top ranked ad receives clicks and website visits, it may not generate conversions. In other words, target a lower position in Google Search results, ie the ranks after the first three places.

    Use keywords that are longer or contain three or more words. These keywords are less competitive because they are less popular and have a lower cost per click. Longer keywords are special; Attracts customers who know what they want, so they’re ready to shop or visit your business while searching, that is, with a higher potential.

    If you are considering making a single campaign with your cost-per-click (CPC) budget, or if you already have a single campaign in your account, it might be a good idea to expand your work and start a few more. If you set your budget for a single campaign, your Google Ads budget may be exhausted until customers search for different keywords for each product and service. So create special campaigns.

    You can change your strategy and budget at any time by monitoring the results of your campaign with Google Ads. You can reach your business goals more easily if you learn how to use Google Ads, regardless of your budget. Consider these suggestions, plan smartly first, then test and refine your ad.

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