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How do I make SEO backlinks?

3 years ago 737 Views

What does SEO back links do? How do I get these links? Is there a difference between paid and free backlink? I’d appreciate it if you answered.

How do I make SEO backlinks? Answers

  • Erhan Kolci
    Erhan Kolci 27 February 2020 at 14:53

    let me add to the previous answer.

    According to today’s algorithms, there is no need to buy backlinks, as in the old times. search engines now focus more on which sites offer users. This highlights user experience. It is necessary to determine the purpose of the users search and present the content on the site according to their needs. In this case, it is possible to proceed in the serp without a backlink. Therefore, it is not correct to say that backlinks are indispensable in these studies. However, this does not apply to all sectors. Backlinks can be purchased depending on the competition and industry dynamics.

  • Noel Kelly
    Noel Kelly 22 February 2020 at 02:36

    Building backlinks for your website is an essential part of a successful SEO campaign. As most people know, creating original content is not enough for a good SEO campaign. There is much work to be done. Backlink building is one of the most important parts of SEO practices.

    Actually, it is really simple to explain what backlink is. When an external website links to your website, it is called a backlink. If the website links to your website is reputable, cool one it affects your website’s visibility in the Google in a great way.

    There is an important difference between paid backlinks and free, organic backlinks. If you want to gain visibility in the search engines, you should try to get organic backlinks. Google really does not like paid, inorganic backlinks. Thus, please do not buy backlinks or do not exchange backlinks with other websites. If you do that, it means you try to trick Google. Google wants you to get backlink in an organic way, not to buy them. Here is the steps of getting organic backlinks;

    First, you need to find a popular topic to create original content. Google is a perfect place to find those kinds of topics. If you choose a topic that no one searches on Google, it will take the first place in search results suddenly. However, because no one searches that topic on Google, it has no meaning for you. Therefore, you need to find a popular topic, then you need to create original content about the topic to rise in the search results. First, search a word group on Google and look at the results, for example when you search ‘’how to get backlinks’’ on Google, you can see that, there are 8.310.000 results. I can easily say that it is a popular topic. Now, you need to find your rivals. It is also very easy. The result on the top of the result page is your main rival. Click on the result and examine the page. You need to create a content that is a wider and up to date version of the content of your rival. You can also add graphics or images to your content. Of course, your content should be SEO-friendly.

    After you create your content, you should get backlinks from reputable websites. You need to observe your rival and detect the websites which links your rival. Some backlink tools could help you in that process like Ahrefs. However, you need to pay for them. Fortunately, there are also some free backlink tools like SEO Spyglass, Check My Link, Disavow.It etc. You can find which websites link your rival.

    After you find the website that links your rival, you can write a kind e-mail, and tell how her/his website gives good information about the topic. Then, you can say that, you also have a up to date, high quality content about that topic at your website, and if he/she wishes to link your website. Most probably, you get a positive answer and have an organic backlink at your website. That is the most accurate way of getting backlinks.

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