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How do I make sure my website is secure?

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How do I know if my website is secure? What should I do if it is not safe?

How do I make sure my website is secure? Answers

  • Anda Rowls
    Anda Rowls 15 December 2020 at 14:47

    Let’s start with the most straightforward advice. Now it’s not hard to check the validity of a URL. The first trick of phishing attacks is to make the address similar to the original one (very few people can notice a small error in the address the first time). At first glance, the URL might appear to be legitimate, but closer inspection may reveal that it contains the number 1 instead of the letter l, or the .ru domain has been replaced with .com.

    Also, check for the existence of the https protocol. The letters http, which we can see at the beginning of the address, denote a data transfer protocol, in which they are much easier to intercept than with secure https.

    Indeed, the “S” in https stands for “secure”, which means “secure”. In other words, if a website uses the https protocol, then the data transmission channel between the browser and the server hosting the website is securely encrypted. If you are not sure that the https protocol protects the site or link, be careful and do not enter any personal data.

    However, a secure connection by itself is not a guarantee that you have a reliable Internet resource in front of you, and not a fraudulent site, the owner of which is just waiting for you to leave your personal data on it.

    Cybercriminals do their best to pass off their sites as legitimate, and although https sites are more secure, they can still belong to scammers through the use of fake certificates.

  • Robbie Edwards
    Robbie Edwards 17 February 2020 at 20:57

    Firstly open your website and look at to the left of the your website adress. There is three security symbol if you see this symbol your site is safety.In anathor way you can also check the https if it doesn’t end with ”s” it means your website not safety you should try to take security certificate.
    How you can keep safe your website?
    firstly you must have to strong password thankeep your software programs updated and get the SSL certificate.

  • Webtures
    Webtures 17 February 2020 at 17:01

    To make sure website is secure you can check the security information about the site to see if it is safe to visit. Chrome warns you if your visit is not secure.

    To check the security of a site, look at the security status on the left side of the web address. Select the icon to see details and permissions about the site. You’ll see a summary of the connection privacy Chrome has detected. If you see a full-page error message that says “Your connection is not hidden”, there is a problem with the site, network, or device.

    If your site does not have a security certificate, you should secure your entire site as soon as possible.

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