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How do I optimize keywords for Google?

Granville Parkes
Granville Parkes
2 years ago 474 Views

How will I optimize the keywords on my website? I would be glad if you help.

How do I optimize keywords for Google? Answers

  • Kris Barrett
    Kris Barrett 18 February 2020 at 22:12

    Place the main keyword in the title, meta description, URL, image ALT text, the title tag. Don’t fill in keywords and try using them only once in meta tags and URL. This series of queries helps your page rank when it matches your main keyword. You can also use long-tail keywords to appear on Google’s first page. Long-tail queries are increasing day by day and their ordering becomes easier. Optimize content by using white hat SEO techniques and maintaining keyword density by 1-2%. If you are using WordPress CMS, install the Yoast plugin and try to get two green dots for your posts or pages. These two green dots show that your content is properly optimized for search engines.

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