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How do I promote my website on Google?

Dalton Rollins
Dalton Rollins
4 years ago 871 Views

How can I promote my new website to Google? How much should my budget be?

How do I promote my website on Google? Answers

  • Erhan Kolci
    Erhan Kolci 12 March 2020 at 16:01

    If you have a new website, it may take time for Google to crawl and index it. The first thing to do for this is to open a search console account and report the sitemap. This way, Google will start crawling and indexing bots with information about your site.

    Your question about the budget section has no connection with SEO. If you’re going to be advertising, it can be seen in ads by paying a price per word according to the CPC set by Google.

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