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How does Google crawl the web?

Dirk Aikin
Dirk Aikin
3 years ago 663 Views

What criteria does Google crawl the web? How to ask google to crawl my site? How do we appear in top positions based on search results?

How does Google crawl the web? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 26 February 2020 at 17:41

    We use numerous information to find and bring up billions of pages on the web. The name of the program that performs the fetch is Googlebot. Googlebot uses an algorithmic process: which sites are crawled, how often, and how many pages from each site are determined by computer programs.

    Google’s crawl process begins with a list of web page URLs created in previous crawl processes and increases with sitemap.xml data provided by webmasters. When Googlebot visits these websites, it detects links on each page and adds them to the list of pages to crawl. New sites are used to update the Google index with changes to existing sites and invalid links.

    It is very important that Google can crawl and index your site correctly in order for your site to get a good ranking in SERP. Our Webmaster Guidelines include some best practices that can help you improve your site’s ranking without falling into some common mistakes.

    Google’s Related Searches, Spelling Suggestions, and Google Suggest features are designed to help users save time by displaying related terms, common misspellings and top search queries. Like our google.com search results, keywords used with these features are automatically generated by our web browsers and search algorithms. We only display these suggestions when we think the user can save time. If a site gets a good ranking about a keyword, it’s because we algorithmically determined that the site’s content is more relevant to the user’s query.

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