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How earn per click on Google ads?

Johnny Wilson
Johnny Wilson
2 years ago 390 Views

How much does Google ads cost per click? What are the disadvantages and advantages of Google ads?

How earn per click on Google ads? Answers

  • Blake Cunningham
    Blake Cunningham 20 February 2020 at 18:05

    Pricing Per Click
    While using your Google ads, Google uses an auction system. This system, namely pricing per click, works by paying by the number of ad clicks. However, paying only high pay per click is not effective. The quality score is also effective during ad delivery. If the quality score rises, the cost per click also decreases.

    Factors Affecting Pricing Per Click
    Factors such as ad rank, quality score, ad relevance, expected click rate are affected by pricing per click. Cost per click is calculated by dividing the ad rank by the quality score. Pricing varies in the order of advertisers. When users search, the ad starts the auction. In the auction, criteria such as cost-per-click, ad eligibility, and keyword eligibility are measured for the first ranking.

    You should support your brand with Google ads for brand awareness. Because people who do not know and trust your brand may not visit the site even if you advertise. For this reason, we recommend that advertising and organic studies be carried out together.

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