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How long do seo changes take?

Cooper Wills
Cooper Wills
2 weeks ago 501 Views

Please tell me how long can I wait for the result of SEO work?

How long do seo changes take? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 18 November 2020 at 16:11

    The minimum period from signing an agreement to changing positions for some requests is 3-5 weeks. The time frame may increase for sites created relatively recently or hosted on domains with a bad reputation. It is worth waiting for major changes not earlier than in 2-3 months. Plus, search engines take time to index sites. This process takes from 1 week to a month – it all depends on the frequency of changes and the domain’s age. Sometimes the results from the CEO appear quite suddenly, but usually, they wait for several months.

    It is worth remembering: promotion works for the long term, and expectations at the first stages justify themselves even after the termination of cooperation with the seo-agency. You can verify this if you pay attention to the cases of our studio.

    SEO efficiency
    The most significant SEO factor is the appearance of a large number of visitors on the site. You can make sure of a positive result if you use popular web analytics systems: Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica. The services will show what is happening with the site in different periods and provide information about the correctness of indexing. What are the important parameters to pay attention to when analyzing?

    Growth of positions and traffic
    A well-formed semantic core and texts written for it will help the site rise in the search results. You can check this factor even without analysis – just go to a search engine, enter a key phrase, and ensure that the site is in a higher position than before promotion. This parameter can have a positive effect on conversions. Simple logic works: people from search go to the site, study materials (including a commercial offer) and most likely decide to purchase a product or service.

    Increase website conversion
    Search engines like sites where visitors spend a lot of time. Results are achieved through the correct distribution of real value content and is well adapted to LSI. Optimization for mobile phones and an increase in loading speed will play a role – after all, today 80% of websites are viewed from mobile devices.

    Conversion increase
    Through creative content marketing, you can influence visitors’ mood, not just answering questions of interest but also calling for certain actions. For example: Well-formed product reviews on an online store’s blog can influence the reader to buy the product in question. Simultaneously, it is impossible to say one hundred percent that when promoting the site owners are guaranteed to receive an increase in sales. However, a high degree of compliance of the site content with the user’s request will positively affect the purchasing decision.

    What not to expect from SEO
    Earlier we defined: good progress cannot be fast. It is a mistake to wait for results a week or a month after contacting specialists. Those who want to speed up the process can additionally launch contextual advertising, which affects in the first few days after starting work. It is also impossible to guarantee such results from SEO promotion:

    One hundred percent guarantee of coming out on top. 2 reasons prevent us from promising perfect success: a constant race with competing sites and restrictions that apply to all search engines.
    Sales from the site. The goal of seo promotion is to increase traffic by bringing the site to a leading position in search. However, high conversion depends, first of all, on demand for the product being sold, the commercial offer.

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