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How much does seo cost for small business?

Danni Humphreys
Danni Humphreys
2 weeks ago 587 Views

Hello! What do you think, will it be expensive to use a SEO specialist for a small business?

How much does seo cost for small business? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 19 November 2020 at 16:19

    Hello! SEO differs from other work on the site, where an exact result is clearly visible, website promotion is more difficult to calculate.

    Difficulties in calculating a budget for SEO:
    The result of promotion is difficult to predict; it is unstable; it depends on search engines’ behavior. Search engines may have shifting priorities in the ranking, updates, and errors that confuse optimizers’ work.
    Investment in work.
    The main share of costs is payment for the work of specialists. What we invest in is different from what we get; it is difficult to deduce the result’s dependence on efforts.
    The scope of work varies from site to site.
    It isn’t easy to establish clear norms of hours for specialists’ work, much depends on the site’s type and topic. For example, all sites have a different amount of semantics: it will be 100-150 requests for some service sites. For an online store, there can be tens of thousands of them. The preparation of semantics non-linearly depends on the volume, so it will not be possible to calculate the optimal amount of time. It will take a little longer to prepare 1000 requests than 100, but not ten times, but three or four times.
    Despite the difficulty in assessing the budget for the promotion can be determined.

    The cost of promotion consists of assessing the work of each specialist – an optimizer, responsible for the content and a developer. Additionally, you can highlight the costs of automation.

    There is no point in saving money by choosing a mediocre but cheap optimizer. An experienced specialist will spend a couple of hours on a task that he will solve for three days. When comparing cost and hours of work, you can get the same amount, and the quality will suffer.

    You can hire an optimizer on your staff, buy optimization services from an agency, or work with a freelancer.

    The staff member will only deal with the project of the company in which he works. He will spend more time on it, but he will not grow incompetencies. For development, a specialist must promote sites on different topics, as diverse as possible from each other, face challenging tasks and learn to solve them. Otherwise, the company will have to buy additional competencies that the in-state optimizer cannot provide.

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