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How search engine optimization is done?

Kyle Arnold
Kyle Arnold
3 years ago 553 Views

How do search engine optimization work? What are the things to consider when doing this action?

How search engine optimization is done? Answers

  • Erhan Kolci
    Erhan Kolci 03 March 2020 at 12:36

    Search engine optimization is the development of some parts of the site in terms of design and software by analyzing and analyzing the algorithms of search engines.

    Search engines often update frequently to improve the search experience. For example, Google has updated over 1000+ algorithms in the past year. All of this is to give the user a good search experience.

    there are generally about 200 sequencing signals. There are 200 signals such as page speed, meta tags (title, description), page subtitles (headings tag) etc. In order to make optimization, it is necessary to know these criteria and to know the current status of the site. Depending on the current status of the site, you can make site optimizations by focusing on what criteria are missing.

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