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How seo works for websites?

Tj Pacheco
Tj Pacheco
2 weeks ago 609 Views

Hello! Could you explain to me, how SEO works for websites?

How seo works for websites? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 10 November 2020 at 13:39

    Hello! The task of SEO optimization is to adapt the site to the requirements of search engines. The main problem is creating the correct structure of pages and content for the search, which will please both users and search engines. This applies to any promotion: website traffic, regional website promotion, online store promotion, landing page promotion.

    A serious problem of SEO promotion is the constant variability of search algorithms and factors. An interesting fact – Google tests up to 1500 new elements during the year, but not all of them go to work. Optimizers have to keep track of the situation and update SEO techniques from time to time.

    In addition to algorithms, there are also search engine filters that are designed to combat outdated promotion techniques. For example, in the past, external links were a significant ranking factor. Today, search engines have filters to identify artificial SEO links for which penalties are imposed.

    Each search engine has its algorithms and factors. In Google, the placement of external links is still a significant way of promoting, while in Yandex it is better to pay attention to content, improve commercial and behavioral factors.

    Impact of website visitors on results
    Behavioral factors are patterns of behavior of site visitors. They can be good and bad, positively or negatively affecting search engine optimization.

    Entering a page and exiting within a few seconds is a rejection, a bad behavioral factor. A small number of pages viewed and a short time spent on the site all together will negatively affect the results.
    Good behavioral factors are considered to be performing any active actions on the site – interaction with forms, subscriptions, registrations, purchases. This indicates that people liked the site and found it useful. Also, a long time on site pages (more than 1 and 3 minutes) is considered a positive ranking factor.
    In general, today, the site’s search engine optimization has become a complex task, with a lot of work and expertise.

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