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How to add seo tags in wordpress?

Jace Millington
Jace Millington
3 weeks ago 473 Views

Hello! Could you helo me, is it easyto add SEO tags in WordPress?

How to add seo tags in wordpress? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 17 November 2020 at 17:15

    Hello! There are several ways to address this requirement.

    The first one is editing the CMS source code, but many do not have enough experience for this, and besides, after updating the system, the changed files can be replaced with the original ones.

    The second is to install the plugin. Of course, installing additional plugins slows down the system, vulnerabilities are found in plugins, the load on the server increases, and so on, but this is the easiest way.

    For example, I took the Easy WP Meta Description plugin. Our most popular plugin is All in One SEO Pack. Often, the plugin settings include automatic generation of meta tags (page descriptions). Still, any webmaster will tell you that artificial intelligence is needed for the correct formation of tags.

    The plugin’s installation is the same as the rest, and then it needs to be activated.

    The plugin has no settings, which is even better since it will generate nothing without our knowledge.

    Open the material page, and another window appeared under the editor window – Easy WP Meta Description.

    In this window, you need to register meta tags, but you need to register them correctly to be perceived by search engines.

    So it is not recommended to make a description of more than 250 characters, and the first 150 characters are “stressed”. The description should not duplicate the title (preferably).

    It is also desirable to make the title readable and understandable without trying to “cram” as many keywords into it as possible, for example – A personal astrological forecast for 2020 from John Willow.

    Remember to do the same for the homepage and categories, if available.

    If we go back to the automatic creation of meta tags, the plugin will most likely take a piece of text that doesn’t make any sense.

    Also, WordPress “out of the box” does not support keywords, this is also solved by installing the plugin, you can choose the already mentioned All in One or Meta Keywords Generator, you decide. Installing the plugin and working with the plugin is practically the same as described above.

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