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How to become seo master?

Ayyan Prosser
Ayyan Prosser
3 weeks ago 492 Views

Hello! I would like to change my job. Could you, please, describe how to become an SEO master?

How to become seo master? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 12 November 2020 at 14:39

    Hello! If you are interested in an SEO specialist’s work, you need to understand how search robots work and how sites are ranked in the SERP.

    This is influenced by the level of internal and external site optimization. This is what the specialists are working on. For the resource to rank well, the SEO specialist tidies up the internal structure, files, fill the pages with keywords, and also works on brand citation and mentions.

    Thus, search engine robots see that the site meets the criteria and rank it higher than others, even when considering the same keywords.

    SEO optimization is a long-term process. It requires hard work and constant analytics.

    You have to analyze a lot – the current state of the site, competitors, monitor trends in the market, and then implement changes. Website search engine optimization goes through the following stages:

    1. Semantics
    After the analysis, you need to collect the semantic core of the site – these are keywords that describe your client’s activities.

    2. On-page optimization
    Then it would help if you worked on internal optimization; it includes a lot of work related to the internal structure and content of the site. Here are a few main ones:

    – meta tags
    – optimized content
    – website loading speed
    – setting robots.txt, sitemap.xml

    3. Off-page optimization
    External optimization – we improve the external link mass – this is working with links, directories, forums. Besides, for each project, a unique promotion strategy is drawn up that best suits a specific business. Accordingly, it would help if you learned all the Stages of SEO to be an excellent professional.

    You, as a specialist, will be given KPIs for each project that you need to achieve. Also, SEO responsibilities:

    – conduct an Audit and Analysis of website usability;
    – analyze competitors;
    – develop promotion strategies
    – improve the web resource to increase the amount of time spent on it by the client
    – track changes in algorithms and adapt the site
    – prepare reports for clients (behavioral factors, traffic sources, etc.)

    To gain the skills you need to be successful, you need to combine theory and practice. You can follow the self-study path through blogs and online courses while trying to optimize your site or the site of a friend or take offline courses. The best way to become a SEO specialist would be courses and internships with a specific company.

    To quickly analyze and correctly compose the semantic core, study the tools: Google Analytics, Serpstat, Semrush. You will be able to receive information about search queries, monitor site positions quickly.
    Explore trends and novelties in the field, do not be afraid to add creativity and try something new. Be diligent, and love what you do.

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