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How to Boost SEO Rankings?

Rachel Rahman
Rachel Rahman
3 weeks ago 492 Views

Hello! Do you have any ideas about boosting SEO? How to boost SEO ranking?

How to Boost SEO Rankings? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 12 November 2020 at 12:14

    Hello! SEO is a way to get to the organic top of search results and get more traffic from search. To get to the top, you need to make your site useful and user-friendly, as well as optimize it for the requirements of search engines.

    The easiest place to start is to see what your competitors are doing:

    – what is the structure of the site,
    – what keywords is it promoting,
    – which pages get the most traffic,
    – how fast the desktop and mobile versions are loaded,
    – how internal and external links are built, and so on.
    Make a plan – what you need to do in each area to catch up with the competition.

    Here is a sample list for on-page SEO site optimization:

    – check layout errors and display in different browsers,
    – get rid of duplicate pages,
    – optimize the version for mobile,
    – mark up the site using Schema and OpenGraph,
    – set page indexing using robots.txt and sitemap.xml files,
    – compose a semantic core,
    – correctly fill in all page description tags.

    For off-page optimization:

    – check the quality of external links,
    – build up a mass of inbound links and brand mentions,
    – register in the directories Google.
    Note! If you don’t know how to get started, and there is no budget for a specialist, use the SEO tools from our selection. They will help you analyze the site, select semantics, and prepare content.

    Be sure to check if your site is convenient to use. The level of usability is referred to by the technical term “usability”. If the user easily finds what he needs on the resource, does not get confused in links, and makes an order in a couple of simple steps, the site has high usability. In this case, people will spend more time on the site and come back again, increasing traffic. But low usability leads to a high percentage of bounces – when a person visits the site and leaves after 10-15 seconds. Search engines take into account the bounce rate and accordingly lower the site in the search results.

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