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How to build links for seo?

Alima Carr
Alima Carr
3 years ago 1407 Views

Hey! How to build all possible seo links?

How to build links for seo? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 16 September 2020 at 18:54

    Here are the main signs of natural links:
    The coincidence of the donor and acceptor topics: this increases the likelihood of visitors clicking on this link and the likelihood of the usefulness of the information for the visitor who follows it.
    The logical use of links in the text without reference to any block of the page, i.e. the link is placed not in a strictly designated place, as on all pages, but, for example, inside the text.
    Anchor links should also be natural: keywords, of course, can be used, but to dilute the anchor list, it is advised to place links in the form of pictures and using anchors like “here”, “here” or just the page URL.
    Often, all purchased links are equated with SEO links, which is not entirely true. If a unique article contains paid links to useful materials, then they will not be SEO links, but will simply be considered purchased.

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