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How to calculate seo roi?

Indiana Meyers
Indiana Meyers
3 years ago 1283 Views

Hello! SEO ROI very interesting topic for me. What is it and how to calculate SEO ROI?

How to calculate seo roi? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 17 September 2020 at 22:14

    Hello! Let’s start with the elementary. To calculate ROI, you need to know the amount of investment (the cost of the service) and the amount of return (the money returned from making a profit). We will not touch the first part – you already know how much you spent on SEO. Therefore, we concentrate on the second part – giving. To find out the cost of organic search traffic, you can use the formula:

    Estimated value of a request per month = Number of monthly requests x Request position (CTR) x Revenue per visit.

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