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How to check seo report?

Ken Harward
Ken Harward
3 years ago 2081 Views

Hello! I would like to check sep report, how to do this?

How to check seo report? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 20 September 2020 at 15:35

    What the monthly report should contain:
    List of completed works. This is the most important point. Very often, studios only send a list of results. However, it is not clear how these results were achieved. When you sign a contract for SEO promotion, a tariff with a specific inclusion is selected for you, where quite effective promotion work is spelled out. Therefore, the studio must report what it did from the list in the contract. In this case, most often we are talking about technical optimization.

    List of web addresses of posted materials. Most needs for text promotion. That is, you need to at least fill the landing pages (pages of services and product groups). And all these texts will be posted there. In addition to links to texts posted on the site, the studio must report how many characters are written. Their number must also correspond to the contract.

    Link to your semantic core. The semantic core is the list of queries by which your site is promoted. Some studios prefer to show the core to the client. “Here you need to understand that requests fall into the position of writing texts”, – “and therefore, in the texts themselves.” And if the texts do not suit the customer, negotiations and searches for an agreed (or inconsistent) list of requests begin. In order that you do not have to look for semantics every time in mail, correspondence in messengers, it should always be at hand – in the report.

    Link to analytics systems – Yandex.Metrica / Google Analytics. Analytics systems most often register in the process of promotion, while the client is not always given access. But the customer has every right to check any indicators of the site for compliance with reality at any time.

    Link to the position withdrawal service. There are a lot of queries in the semantic core, the issue changes every day. Therefore, now every self-respecting studio uses the service of automatic removal of positions. Each such service provides the ability to send guest links by which you can view reports on positions in whole or their fragments.

    Links to previous reports. Agree, it is convenient when all the information about what happened to your site is stored in one place. This is especially important when you have experienced changes in staff members, lost access to old work accounts, or all the same changes have occurred on the side of the contractor.

    If external links are bought for the project – a list of posted materials and the cost of each link. Most of the external links are bought on the exchange. And in the account settings, you can display a list of all purchased links, their parameters and cost. Usually in the rates for promotion, a certain budget for links is provided. Therefore, it should not be a problem for the company to report on this budget.

    These tools are suitable for any site, and anyone can check them, even with a very remote idea of ​​Internet promotion. There is also more specific data – the quality of external links, the analysis of search results, etc.

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