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How to choose best keywords for seo?

Nick Sparrow
Nick Sparrow
2 years ago 910 Views

Hello! I made a website and want to choose the best keywords for SEO. How to choose the best keywords?

How to choose best keywords for seo? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 20 September 2020 at 15:21

    Before compiling a large semantic core, before deciding on keywords for sections and categories, and before looking at keyword metrics, there are three main factors to consider. These factors are fundamental in the formation of a further promotion strategy:

    1. Keys must be relevant to your site. In other words, the queries should be as relevant as possible to the topic of your site. So, if you are selling accessories for smartphones, then the main keys should correspond to the topic, similarly with other keywords. Remember that some keys may be relevant for several niches – for example, the phrase “child seats” is suitable for both car seats and furniture fittings

    2. Commercial or informational focus. If you are promoting an online store, then most of the site should contain commercial requests with links like “buy”, “buy online”, “buy online + geolocation”, “online store”, etc. If you have an informational site, then there is no point in posting commercial requests on it – for commercial requests, people are looking for goods and services, and not articles, reviews or guides

    3. Take into account the statistics from the PS. If you are not promoting a super-unique product / service, then you will likely have dozens of competitors in the search results. Moreover, for a number of high-frequency queries in the TOP, there will be giant sites with a reputation and great popularity. It does not make sense to promote on such requests at the initial stages – at this time it is better to focus on mid-frequency and low-frequency requests. This is precisely why statistical data on the number of queries in search engines is needed.

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