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How to do basic seo?

Rosali Amundsen
Rosali Amundsen
2 years ago 2117 Views

Hello! I will create a website for my project. How to do basic SEO of a website? How to start SEO?

How to do basic seo? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 21 September 2020 at 18:49

    Hello! SEO-promotion is a whole range of measures on the external and internal elements of your site. For example, the simplest: you need to use site linking to transfer internal weight, it is desirable to get links (recommendations) to your site with thematic popular resources, the content on the site must be unique. At the same time, factors that are almost impossible to influence are also evaluated, for example: the behavioral factors of the visitor – the clickability of the site snippet (site cards in the search results), how long a person has come to study the content, whether he has read it to the end, whether he has performed an action.

    According to this and many other parameters, search engines determine how high-quality the site is, and it already depends on which lines it will be on. To understand why this is important – enter any phrase into a search engine and you will see that sites are ranked in a certain way. Some are above, some are below. The lower the site, the fewer people will go to it. Most users do not go to the second search page.

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