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How to do best seo for my website?

Jun Hays
Jun Hays
1 year ago 915 Views

Hello! I have a website and would like to do the best SEO. Can you give advice?

How to do best seo for my website? Answers

  • Webtures
    Webtures 07 September 2020 at 16:02

    Today, Google places extremely high demands on the quality of its sites. And if your project or its individual pages fall under the concept of YMYL, where the information posted can affect the life, health, well-being, finances, or even somehow affect the visitor, then unprecedentedly high requirements for the quality, reliability, authority and expertise of the content are put forward to such resources …
    Over the past year, many sites that neglected Google’s quality requirements have lost ground. However, it is possible to correct the mistakes and improve the organic ranking of the site, using the recommendations for improving the site and my experience in restoring the quality of the site.

    1. Checking E-A-T information on the main
    2. Validation of prices and advertisements
    3. There are terms of use of the site
    4. There is a privacy policy
    5. Created all significant pages of the site
    6. Markings and warnings
    7. Expert content and expert confirmation
    7.1. We increase the expertise of content
    7.2. How to get expert confirmation
    8. Checking content availability
    9. Reviews and press releases
    10. Dealing with negative reviews
    11. Assessment of internal experts
    12. Increase website loading speed
    13. Remove unnatural links
    14. Eliminate obvious technical errors
    15. Write down the date of the content modification

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